Amazon S3 Glacier vs Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive

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Amazon S3 Glacier vs Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive

Amazon S3 Glacier –

Amazon S3 Glacier is a protective, durable and tremendously low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage classes for data archiving and long-planned backup. They are constructed to transfer 99.99% durability and offer wide-ranging security and compliance abilities which can support even the major regulatory needs.

S3 Glacier Deep Archive

One of the flavor of Amazon S3 Glacier is called “S3 Glacier Deep Archive”, which is S3’s least expensive storage class and is used to for long-term retention of data (which is generally accessed once or twice in a year).


In order to keep costs low yet proper for differing retrieval requirements, Amazon S3 Glacier offers three choices for access to archives, from certain minutes to many hours. On the other hand, S3 Glacier Deep Archive offers two access choices varying from 12 to 48 hours.

AWS Glacier Pricing

It is significant to note that which feature of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive has served to be the major reason that has motivated most of the users to use it in place of Amazon S3 Glacier.

It is the cost. While the cost is just $0.00099/month in S3 Glacier Deep Archive for using 1 GB of data, it simply states that you need to spend just $1.01/month in Deep Archive for the purpose of storing 1 TB of data.

When S3 Glacier Deep Archive stands to be a comparatively affordable option of the two, the price of S3 Glacier is also reasonable. One needs to pay $0.004/month in case of S3 Glacier for 1 GB of data while the amount is $4.10/month for data of 1 TB.

Compared to S3 Glacier Deep Archive, this price is almost 4 times but in comparison to S3 Standard, it is still just 1/6th of the price. In addition to the cost efficiency, there are several other benefits as well.

Time to retrieve

The storage classes of Amazon S3 Glacier stands to be cheaper in comparison to the other option available in S3 storage classes and the major reason behind this is that instant data access is given from customer side in this case. As a result, it just takes some minutes or hours for data retrieval in the case of Glacier instead of the S3 objects retrieval in sub-second latency.

For the time of retrieval, users are provided with 3 options by storage class of classic S3 Glacier. These are:

  • Bulk: retrieving bulk requests stands to be the slowest option and the data is accessible after the duration of about 5-12 hours. $0.0025/GB is the price for retrievals in bulk and for 1,000 requests, it is $0.025. For the purpose of restoring data in huge amounts that are not immediately in demand, it stands to be the most affordable option available.


  • Standard: Customers get access to the data in the span of 3-5 hours with the option of standard retrievals. The price is $0.01/GB for standard retrievals while for 1000 requests, it is $0.05.


  • Expedited: accessing the data is possible in expedited retrieval within some minutes. Their price per GB is $0.03 and $0.01 for each request. This option is the fastest of all but is expensive as well.

Just one option is there in the case of S3 Glacier Deep Archive for the time of retrieval. About 12-48 hours are needed for retrieving data from S3 Glacier Deep Archive. Cost announcements have not been done yet for this.

Minimum Storage Duration

The design of S3 Glacier is intended for storage for the long term and therefore users are charged by AWS in case data is deleted by them quickly after it is stored in Glacier.

90 days is the minimum duration of storage in case of classic S3 Glacier. If an object is deleted before the span of 90 days of its placement in S3 Glacier, a prorated fee is charged that is $0.012/GB. In the case object is deleted after 45 days of its placement, the charged fee is half of the prorated fee.

180 days is the minimum duration for storage in the case of S3 Glacier Deep Archive and the structure of pricing is alike S3 Glacier.

Amazon S3 Glacier vs Amazon S3 Glacier Archive –

5-12 hours for bulk
4-5 hours for standard
Minutes for expedited
48 hours for bulk
12 hours for standard
$0.004- 1 GB
$0.00099- 1 GB
90 days
180 days
Select minutes or hours
Select hours

Download the difference table here.





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