7 Basic Needs to Build a Business Website

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Business websites are the need of time as they can take your business to a whole new level. Suppose you are running a business and don’t have a business website. In that case, you are already far away from your competitors and also missing the opportunity to succeed in a shorter time than anticipated. Almost every small business to a large corporation has built a business website to grasp the online market.

The online shopping trend is rapidly increasing worldwide, and even underdeveloped countries are running at the same pace to match the developed countries. Information Technology has made everyone’s life easier than ever. Now the consumers don’t need to go outside to visit the market to purchase the required products. Instead, they can buy anything by just sitting on their couch using their mobile phones. 

The number of online buyers is increasing every day. And do you know which thing you need the most to allure those online consumers? A business website. However, not every website can provide business owners with the benefits that they want to achieve. That’s why you shouldn’t focus only on business website development but also take care of some other essentials for the business website.


This article will briefly discuss the things you need to consider to build a profitable business website. 

Basic Needs to Build a Business Website

7 Basic Needs to Build a Business Website

Below are mentioned 7 basic needs to build a business website. 

Powerful and Relatable Domain

Names are significant in everything. People recognize almost every object, human, bird/animal, product, and even website with their names. That’s why you should always take extra care and do the required research before choosing the domain name. The domain name could become your identity. So, don’t compromise on the domain name as it could have worse effects on your website and overall business.

Here are a few things to consider before choosing a domain name.

  • Extensions: Before purchasing or booking a domain, the first-ever thing you should consider is an extension. It should always be related to your business or location. If you choose any random extension, the customers won’t rely on your website, and even you may not get the relevant traffic. When it comes to extension, .com is the most used and preferred extension for business purposes. If you don’t want to purchase .com, buy the domain specified to your country, like .com.au for Australia, .co.uk for the United Kingdom, etc.
  • Keywords: From an SEO and business perspective, it is better to purchase the domains with your targeted keywords. It can make your websites more visible compared to others. You must choose a reliable SEO services. Search engines generally rank websites with targeted keywords in the domain name. Although those domains are a bit more expensive, they are still worth buying.
  • Brand Name: Your domain and brand name should also be the same, as it could be easy for your audience to find and reach your website with the minimum effort. Having a different domain name to your brand name will always confuse your audience and let them land on other websites.


After the domain name, you should also focus on the hosting services providers as it directly affects the user experience on the website. Besides that, it also has a strong connection with your website speed. Therefore, whenever you have to purchase hosting, always get an expert opinion on which kind of hosting you should buy and which company is the best in terms of providing hosting services.

Look at the key things you should focus on before purchasing a hosting service.

Type of Hosting

There are multiple types of hosting services, including shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, business hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers and business hosting are the best for business websites as they offer a lot of space, better speed, and increased performance.

  • Backup: The backup is also another critical factor that you should consider. If your data is accidentally lost or someone has hacked your website, you can get your data back if the hosting server provides a backup.
  • Security: Website security is another key factor that you must consider before purchasing a website hosting. When you compromise on security, your website is always vulnerable, and ordinary hackers can also hack and steal your data.

Website Content

Every word, picture, gif, and video is part of website content. It plays a vital role in generating leads and conversions as your website content encourages visitors to buy your products or services. If your website data is of high quality and convincing, it can dramatically increase your sales that you can’t imagine. So, you should put extra effort into generating content for your website.

You can analyze your competitors’ websites and explore how they have formulated their content. Then, after getting ideas from them, you can use the same strategy or even spend your energies finding better ways for your examples of MVP.

Besides quality, you should also work on making your content unique. When other websites influence you, you can copy their written text which could be deadly for your website. It doesn’t matter whether you deliberately copy others’ data or if it occurs accidentally; it could ban your website. Therefore, always check plagiarism using a reliable plagiarism checker before publishing content on your business website.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not rely on every available plagiarism detector for detecting plagiarism. They may not detect every duplicated phrase and let you in the darkness. When you publish the content, search engines will immediately notice it and flag your website.

Use an authentic and trusted plagiarism checker recommended by industry experts. It could highlight every phrase having plagiarism and give you a chance to remove plagiarism.

Content Management System

You could have heard about this time for the first time if you are new to the digital world. However, you should be aware of it. CMS is the software programs and applications developed to manage, create and distribute digital content. Choosing a suitable CMS is essential for your business website as not every CMS is acceptable for business and e-commerce websites. For example, the most commonly used CMS globally is WordPress, but it is not recommended for business websites.

You should analyze your requirements and decide which CMS can provide the most benefits to you. For example, you should prefer Magento, Joomla, and Shopify for business websites as they are the most helpful compared to others.

E-Commerce Platform

If you want to directly sell products and services using your websites, you should also pick an e-commerce platform for that purpose. The e-commerce platform can make your work easier and even create problems for you. Therefore, you should select the e-commerce platform after research.

The best e-commerce platform right now is Shopify Plus, as it provides more benefits and facilities than any other eCommerce platform. However, many business websites also use WooCommerce, Business Squarespace, and Wix. Therefore, analyze your long-term benefits and choose the platform according to them.

Web Design

When users land on a website, they take 5 to 10 seconds to decide whether they should stay on it or not. The main thing that helps them in decision-making is the website design. If your business website design is attractive and engaging, they will stay more on your website, and there are some chances that they will make some purchases.

Try to make your website design easy to understand and user-friendly so that they won’t have to face difficulties looking for the data they need. It could ultimately improve user experience and make your website more productive.

If your business website is selling multiple products/services or has different pages, it must be easy to navigate for the users. To improve your navigation system, you should add a search bar for visitors and a sitemap for web admins and search engines. When your website is easy to navigate, it will be more productive and profitable for your business and improve conversions.

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