Cisco vs Dell VLAN Configuration

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This post will provide step by step difference of Cisco and Dell Layer 3 CLI configuration.

Cisco vs Dell VLAN Configuration

The table below shows how both Cisco and Dell Layer 3 Switch configure Layer 2 and Layer 3 VLANs:

Important Pointers:

  • As seen from the above configuration, DELL is required to enter into VLAN database for creating the VLAN 100 unlike Cisco where we can directly issue VLAN 100 under config mode.
  • Also, prerequisite for Cisco and DELL Layer 3 Switch to perform routing is to configure “IP Routing” in configuration mode.

For clarity of information , some of well known layer 3 switch each of Dell and Cisco include –


Dell  = N2000,N3000,N4000

Cisco = 3850X,4500x,3560


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