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  1. What is DHCP? What is DHCP’s purpose?
  2. What is a DHCP lease?
  3. What is DHCP Scope?
  4. What is a Client ID?
  5. Can DHCP work with Apple Talk or IPX?
  6. Can DHCP support statically defined addresses?
  7. What protocol and port does DHCP use?
  8. What are benefits of using DHCP?
  9. What Is a MAC Address?
  10. What Is DORA In DHCP?
  11. What is purpose of relay agent?
  12. How do DHCP client and servers on the same subnet communicate? How is this different from DHCP Client and Server communication on different subnet?
  13. What Is BOOTP?
  14. What is the default duration of a DHCP lease?
  15. Which all networking devices support and can be configured as DHCP Server?
  16. If the client is unable to contact DCHP server, what happens?
  17. What is DHCP option 150? Where is it used?
  18. What identifier can be used to bind windows machine with Cisco network Device configured as DHCP server?
  19. Can Cisco ASA be configured as DHCP Server?
  20. After reconfiguring the DHCP server recently, the client workstation is not able to access any network resources. What is the likely solution?
  21. Which layer of OSI model does DHCP work on?
  22. What is Difference between DHCP and RARP?
  23. What is DHCPD?
  24. What is the use of helper address? Where is it used?

ANSWERS @ – https://ipwithease.com/shop/

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