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  1. What is a Switching ?
  2. What is a Switch ?
  3. What is difference between Broadcast Storm Control and Flow Control ?
  4. What is difference between Switch and Hub ?
  5. What is Difference between Switch and Bridge ?
  6. What are functions of a Switch ?
  7. What is the difference between manageable and unmanageable switches ?
  8. What is a Broadcast domain and Collision Domain ?
  9. What is a MAC address ?
  10. How will Switch build a Mac Address table ?
  11. What are the different Modes of Switch Operations ?
  12. How does switch perform forwarding function ?
  13. Explain Flooding ?
  14. PC which is connected to switch port 23. The switch has learned the mac address of the PC. The port is now shutdown. Will the switch retain the mac address ?
  15. In layer 2 domain do we need ip address for communication?
  16. What is Mac address table ?
  17. What is Store-and-Forward
  18. What are different Switch modes of Operation ?
  19. Which command will show directly connected neighbors ?
  20. A switch port operating in full duplex mode is connected to a PC operating in half duplex. What would be the effective duplex settings for the communication ?
  21. A layer 2 switch has 5 PC’s connected to it’s ports. After restarting the switch , what would happen to the mac-address table of the switch ?
  22. What is difference between packet switch and circuit switch network?
  23. Your internet work consists entirely of Cisco devices. You have given a command “show cdp neighbors”. In the response, you get “S” under the head “Capability”. What does the letter “S” mean?
  24. Describe UTP cable ?
  25. Which layer in OSI model does Switch work on ?
  26. A 24 port switch receives a frame with destination mac-address unknown. To how many ports will the frame be flooded ?
  27. Which LAN switching method is used in CISCO Catalyst switches?
  28. How does cut-through LAN switching work ?
  29. What is CSMA/CD ?
  30. What is 10BaseT and 100Base T Ethernet LANs?
  31. What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches ?
  32. Where would you use cross and straight cable?
  33. Which configuration mode would you use to configure a particular port on a switch ?
  34. Which LAN switch type waits for the collision window to pass before looking up the destination hardware address in the MAC filter table and forwarding the frame ?
  35. What does a switch do when a frame is received on an interface and the destination hardware address is unknown or not in the filter table ?
  36. What is the result of segmenting a network with a bridge or switch ?
  37. If a switch receives a frame and the source MAC address is not in the MAC address table but the destination address is, what will the switch do with the frame ?
  38. What command will display the forward/filter table ?
  39. What type of RJ45 UTP cable is used between switches ?
  40. You need to allow only one host (any host) to be permitted to attach to each switch interface. Which commands must you configure on your catalyst switch to meet this policy ?
  41. You have created VLAN 10 and would like to place Fast Ethernet port 0/2 in VLAN 10. Which command would you use ?
  42. You want to ensure that only VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 traffic can pass over a trunk link. Which command would you use ?
  43. Which LAN switch type only checks the hardware address before for-warding a frame ?
  44. Which protocol is used to facilitate the management of VLANs ?
  45. Which LAN switch method runs a CRC on every frame ?
  46. You wish to configure an Etherchannel link made up of two Fast Ethernet trunk ports without any negotiations. What command would you use when configuring the interfaces?
  47. What is difference between half duplex and full duplex mode ?
  48. Your switch has a port status LED that is alternating between green and amber. What could this indicate ?
  49. How does a host on an Ethernet LAN know when to transmit after a collision has occurred ?
  50. Which fields are contained within an IEEE Ethernet frame header ?

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