DuckDuckGo vs Google

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DuckDuckGo vs Google

In spite of the efforts made by all other players in the field, it turns out that two search engines are on top in the fight for attracting the attention of entire public: Google and DuckDuckGo. Even with Microsoft doing great efforts, you simply don’t listen to people conveying “bing it” at all.

On the basis of public requirements and preferences, Google might not be able to prove itself as the finest search engine. DuckDuckGo has been having appreciation from its users in faster manner to its privacy center, particularly in contrast to the all watching eyes that are present in Google. To solve this dilemma, we are here with the review of search engines to help you out. So hence you can check out which search engine can stand the finest one on the basis of your demands.


For majority, Google is truly better at the work that it is carrying out. The degree to which Google tracks you is confined to the demand of prevalence for utilization of their services.

DuckDuckGo has been at the confidential competition for years. It has also made declaration for the fact that nothing about its users is recorded by it. Its talent of search might however have impacts due to this.

No doubt is there in the fact that searches of Google stand as the best with something like an unmistakable feeling in the search engine about what the user is intended to search for.

It is able to decode a jumbled string of misspelled search terminologies and somewhat, give back precisely what you were expecting for. This stands as the major reason why all their tracking turns feasible offering speedy and most precise search outcomes. However it is not the only game taking place in society.

Google secures and tracks search outcomes, however it even tracks lot more like present location, web browsing history, web page analytics and most of such information that is helpful for it in offering better results. Google is possibly the biggest tracker of human performance in recorded history. There are certain advantages of the panopticon. The all watching eye feature of Google serves helpful in developing its search and other services in more effectual manner and maintenance of all of these is also free.

The premium element present in the search engine DuckDuckGo is its feature known as bangs. The text strings by which search terms are redirected are termed as bangs and they reach to the inner search of any specific website.

DuckDuckGo does not fix your findings to any constant identifier such that it develops an image of your desires and hatred. No cookies are fixed by default. When they are fixed, it stands as the record of user executed settings and there is no technique for examining different users.

By all means, a modern search engine cannot operate if it does not verify whether or not users clicked on links for a search term. This is the reason why search data is just assembled comprehensively. No individual details like UUIDs, IP addresses, or user agent strings is ever fixed with outcomes.

Part of the entertainment of utilizing Google is the Google Doodle, which is a sequence of special, temporary logos that remember events, holidays, remarkable historical figures and more. Suppose you are logged in to your Google account then you will even watch a unique Google Doodle on your birthday. Users are contended with the appeal of the search engine. Ads are not awkward or awe-inspiring. In case you utilize Google Chrome as your browser, you can utilize themes to modify the look as well.

The fundamental look of DuckDuckGo is essential and simple to watch. Nevertheless, users even have the talent to implement themes, modify fonts and have control over the page alignment and width or make use of background colors from the settings menu present in the search engine.

Final Verdict

For web users thinking regarding privacy, DuckDuckGo is the route to move. Nevertheless, the security arrives at a cost which is at certain time being short of search outcomes. Learning techniques to get the finest search outcomes could support you determine what you are actually looking for online without the need of giving up on personal or private details.

DuckDuckGo vs Google : Comparison Table


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