What is Cisco DNA?

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Introduction to Cisco DNA(Digital Network Architecture )

Cisco DNA is defined as a controller based architecture solution. At the core of this platform is Cisco DNA Center that provides the automation, the policy and analytics that are required to modify, simplify and scale operations. It also protects against threats and degradation. In addition, Cisco DNA is a 360 degree open platform designed to increase any organization’s network value by expanding technical specifications for new processes, applications and solutions.

As the agility of an organization’s network increases, Cisco DNA provides a complete  networking system that is constantly adapting, learning and utilizing insights to guarantee that the network is responding to dynamic IT and business needs. In simple words, Cisco DNA is an open software architecture solution that changes vision in to reality.


Specifications of Cisco DNA

According to the official manufacturer’s site, Cisco DNA imbibes array of internal software functions that have specific characteristics and offer different services. The most essential are described in depth below:



  • Cisco DNA Center: A control center in the core of the platform provides a management dashboard for controller based automations, network assurance and platform extensibility. To be more specific, cisco DNA center expresses business strategy through network policies, simplifies the provisioning and configuration management of the entire network, improves network assurance with advanced contextual visuals and monitoring. Additionally, Cisco DNA center segments organization network by reducing risk, containing threats, malwares and isolation of infected endpoints.


  • Cisco DNA Assurance: A few more crucial services that cisco DNA assurance solution provides is the management of all devices and configuration with priorities and resolution of network errors. It also helps ensuring a better user experience across the organizations network. To be more specific, cisco DNA assurance solution increases visibility by displaying a complete network status. It saves time by reducing noise and fault alerts, and speeds up troubleshooting with automated remediation options.


  • Cisco DNA Automation: Cisco DNA network automation provides an alternate solution from previously manual network device configuration, provisioning and maintenance processes, in order to simplify network operations and reduce set up errors. In addition, it helps to identify devices on the network and arrange them in a logical hierarchy. Furthermore, it helps simplifying new device deployment with plug and play and zero touch provisioning functions. Finally, it provides automatic monitoring and software management of updates and patches to help ensure consistency across the network.


  • Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access): A very essential function of the platform is network access in minutes for any kind of user or device to any application without decreasing security. To be more specific, SD Access secures users, devices, and applications with identification based strategy without location restrictions. Furthermore, the user can use Cisco DNA Center to design, provision and to manage organization’s wired and wireless networks. Finally, a consistent user experience is provided with displays and analytics for all user’s and application’s behavior.


  • Cisco DNA Security Solution: Cisco DNA gives the opportunity to every user to turn the whole network into a powerful security sensor that integrates with security operations in order to detect and contain threats. This is accomplished by enabling the network to serve as an advanced security sensor capable of detecting threats even through encrypted traffic. To be more specific, the internal security solution enables fast and simple segmentation in order to control network wide access, to reinforce security policies and meet compliance requirements.


We can now summarize the main three goals of Cisco’s DNA strategy into the following:

  • Virtualization of everything in the network
  • Services management functionality and
  • An open extensible and programmable interface at every layer

As we have known Cisco for so many years, Cisco will keep on improving in DNA space and provide advanced technology platforms to help the IT industry grow.

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