EIGRP vs OSPF : Know the difference


EIGRP i.e. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) and OSPF i.e. Open Shortest Path First are routing protocols that specify how routers or data switches communicate with each other.

To understand which protocol is to be used in a particular situation we must know the differences between the two.

EIGRP vs OSPF: Comparison Table

Below table describes the differences between the two types of routing protocols:

Advanced Distance Vector Routing protocolLink State Routing protocol
Open standard(informational). EIGRP was converted to open standard in 2013Open standard of IETF,supported by most vendors.
Fast sub-second convergenceSlower convergence than EIGRP
Ease of configurationComplicated
Less scalableMore scalable
Does not support TE (Traffic Engineering)Support OSPF-TE
Can not build a hierarchical networkCan build a hierarchical and scalable network.
Uses DUAL (Diffused Update Algorithm) for best path calculationUses Dijkstra's algorithm
Summarization can be performed on any Router in EIGRP domain (infact per interface)Summarization only possible on ABR and ASBR
Improved Memory and CPU utilizationHigh memory and CPU utilization compared to EIGRP
Intelligent bandwidth control like available Bandwidth is considered while determining rate of transmitting updates.Not available
EIGRP considers multiple parameters like Bandwidth,delay reliability and load while calculation optimal route.This complex calculation criteria is helpful in scenarios like wireless and multiple WAN path.Only bandwidth considered while calculating optimal path.
Supports IPX and AppletalkDoes not support IPX and Appletalk

Download the difference table: eigrp and ospf

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