How to See Someone’s Facebook Messages: Using a Spy App

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Everyone uses Facebook today. More than 2 billion users throng the platform every month to share updates, stay in touch, and do a lot more. But can you spy on someone’s Facebook?

Naturally, Facebook can reveal a range of information about a person. You can get personal insights by looking at their status updates and shares. If you can read their messages, you will know what is exactly on their minds. But, how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing?

We will answer the above question and quench your thirst for knowledge in this blog.


How to Access Someone’s Facebook Account?

A lot of people ask how to see someone’s messages on Facebook. The task is not easy as Facebook ensures no one can access a user’s account in an unauthorized manner. As a result, Facebook has a lot of security measures to keep accounts safe.

However, that doesn’t mean you can find a way!

We performed deep research and read countless articles and blogs on Google. Our team evaluated every way outlined out there to see someone’s Facebook messages.

Unfortunately, all methods turned out to be unsuccessful, except one. We will reveal the best way in a little while!

What Are Your Reasons to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages?

A range of reasons may push a person to pry on another person’s social media messages. Here are some of the most common ones:

Safety of Children

Parents always worry about the well-being of their children. Kids are immature and can keep the wrong company. Worst of all, someone with the wrong intentions can easily take advantage of a minor.

As a result, reading Facebook messages of children with text monitoring app for parents provides assurance of their kid’s safety.

Cheating Partner

Facebook is the platform where people meet each other. If you suspect your partner is cheating, Facebook messages can help you discover the truth. By reading your spouse’s messages, you can:

  • Know if they are meeting a new person
  • Collect evidence for confrontation
  • Find out meeting places and times

Dishonest Employees

Business information sells for a high price. Dishonest employees might sell their company information and cause a financial dent.

Employers may read social media messages of suspicious employees to prevent any damage. It may also help in investigating matters.


Family members and friends can fall prey to substance abuse. Accessing their Facebook chats can be an excellent way to determine the truth.

You can take action and put a stop to their ill habits.

Why Spy Apps are the Best Option?

Spy apps turned out to be the only reliable way we found to work and help you read someone’s Facebook messages! A spy app is a tracker that lets you access the content of a phone. They are ideal for tracking a person and what they are up to.

We found mSpy to be a top-notch tool to look into another person’s Facebook messages. Here is how mSpy works in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose Subscription

Select a plan that suits your needs. You get more features and tracking functions with advanced plans.

  1. Install mSpy

You will get an email with instructions to download the app. Follow the steps in the email to install mSpy on the target device.

  1. Start Reading Messages

Now you can log in to your control panel and read all Facebook messages on the target device. mSpy is a hidden app, and the person will never know you can see their social media messages.

mSpy has many features that reveal Facebook messenger sent and received chats. You can also view group chats for ultimate monitoring. Timestamps of each message will also be visible for greater insights. Plus, you can check the contacts of all chats.

Popular Methods that Will Lead You to Failure

How to check someone’s Facebook messages? You will find several ways on various websites claiming to help you read a person’s messages. However, they are most likely not to work, especially if you don’t have technical knowledge.


Phishing is the use of malicious links to trick a person into revealing his ID and password. You will need sound technical prowess to create a malicious link that can collect Facebook credentials.

Unless you are a pro hacker, this method has very few chances of working.

Brute-Force Attack

A brute-force attack is where you try different combinations and passwords to break into a Facebook account. You need to know a lot of personal information of the person you want to hack to guess correctly. Else, Facebook will lock the profile if you enter the wrong credentials multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Reading someone’s Facebook messages is a complex task. You can succeed only if you know how to hack. If you’re an average person, the best way is to use a Spy app to read someone’s social media messages. It works without exceptions and reveals all chats, calls, and files. You can also read SMS and WhatsApp messages.

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