Is It Possible for Third Parties to Find Out Your IP if VPN is Used

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The Use of VPN: Is It Safe to Turn On the Tool?

VPN use has become a lifesaver for many online users who sought more anonymity on the web. If you’re interested in your data protection and want to stay anonymous while browsing online, it’s better to install the VPN app. In this article, you will learn the concept of VPN explained in plain language.

What’s VPN?

Before we start with the main topic, let’s grab your attention and learn more about the VPN tool. How is it used? What working principle does it follow? These are important issues to discover before you comprehend if your IP address could be tracked. Let’s start with the first question.

What’s VPN? This is a Virtual Private Network that helps online users keep their online activity anonymous. How does it work? The VPN server will change the IP address meaning your traffic will be carefully encrypted. The whole process can be easily explained. To reach access to multiple websites or hide your online activity, the server will change the location of your IP.


What’s the role of the encryption process? When your data is encrypted, the traffic signals will look like complete gibberish no one can deal with. If anyone is trying to figure out your real location or IP address, there’s no way the user can do it. The right choice of VPN will make your activity highly protected from snoopers.

Can my IP address be traced if I use a VPN?

This is major question users are worried about. Nevertheless, VPN for computer systems seems to be reliable, regular users are concerned about the safety of the encrypted connection. Is it a secure way to browse online? VeePN has proved its reliability to tons of users. You can download VPN for windows. There are also VPN tools for mobile phones, apart from the VPN PC servers. In a nutshell, it’s a secure way to install a VPN app for PC.

However, the concerns continue to grow. Are there any grounds to consider the VPN connection a bad one? Generally speaking, the chances are low that your IP could be found. The VPN server encrypts the data and doesn’t let anyone intervene in the connection. Two main cases make it possible for other users to track your activity.

The first one relates to the poor-quality VPN server. If you choose a random server that may endanger your personal data. It’s also risky to choose free VPN tools. You may wonder how VPN app works if you don’t cover the charges. These tools share your data with third parties putting you at risk. For this reason, you should choose a high-quality paid VPN tool to stay anonymous online.

Can VPN be tracked by police?

What if you make use of the top-notch VPN tool? Are there still risks to be tracked by police? If you seek better anonymity online, you should have no worries about the police keeping track of your activity on the web. There are cases when your connection could be revealed even if the VPN server is applied. What are the cases?

  • When you turn on the VPN app, there are still cases when the browser can identify the minor details about the user. This information doesn’t relate to the private data of the user. However, your operating system, extensions, or screen resolution info won’t be protected even with the use of VPN.
  • Have you ever heard about cookies? These are small pieces of code that you download to browse a particular website. This process is done to make the user experience smoother and more effective. However, it’s not a big deal, and any user can find simple ways to block the cookies.
  • It’s a common case to have your personal data leaked after spyware or malware was installed on the device. You can accidentally do it on your own. Or a person that has access to your device can do it. You have to be especially careful with your phone. It’s better to keep track of anything weird that happens with the device.

Can the police track your VPN? No, it can’t track live VPN traffic. However, if there’s a court order, police can get access to your ISP and find out the information. In most cases, VPN works great. It can protect you from different malicious actions and most hacking attacks.

You can try the VeePN server for being one of the most recognized on the web. It has an easy interface and can be used both for mobile phones and PCs. If you need to protect your connection on the web, a high-quality online tool will make your browsing activity less obvious. It will also give you access to more servers on the Internet.

Final Words

Do you need to get yourself a VPN app? The answer is yes. The tool will give you access to multiple websites. You will feel protected when browsing online. The encrypted connection will prevent certain hacking attacks. The use of VPN has a wide list of perks. Your task is to download a top-notch application with the paid tariff. This is what can guarantee your safety on the Internet. If you want to protect your private data from snoopers and hide it from the rest of the world, the use of a high-quality VPN app will make it possible.

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