7 Top Tech Tools for Small Business Owners in 2024

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Growing your small business is an intimidating challenge. However, it’s easier than ever to find helping hands for your expansion in today’s virtual age. Apps, automated services, and digital tools all come together to make running your business smoother.

List of Top 7 Tech Tools

Here are seven of the top-rated tech tools for your business in 2024. 

A Digital Mailbox

It can be taxing to sort through junk mail and important documents, especially for busy small business owners. With a digital mailbox like iPostal1 digital mailbox, business owners can sort and shred scanned mail with a click on their phone. The staffed mailbox locations can also hold packages until you pick them up, keep your home address private, and forward mail to places worldwide. 


Digital mailboxes will also handle packages and ensure that porch pirates or thieves can’t take your items. This tech is your solution for privacy, efficiency, and security in mail management. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customers are the core of every business. With CRM tools, owners can optimize their businesses by tracking customer needs and habits. CRM tools manage and measure customer interaction to give you an idea of how your business attracts customers. You can identify and expand upon your marketing strengths while also addressing areas for improvement.

HR Management Tools 

Hiring an entire or partial Human Resources department can be costly. However, payroll and shift schedules are still necessary for running your company. HR management tools can help with that. These software applications organize and prioritize tasks so that they only need generation and approval.

Accounting Software

As with HR, hiring an accountant or bookkeeper may not be in a small business’s best interest. Accounting software consolidates the accounting tasks and organizes them into an intuitive method any business owner can understand. 

There are also many different apps for payment from customers that can smooth your workflow and improve your accounting. Small business owners can use these apps in various ways to collect and send payments and track money coming in and out.

Freelance Marketplaces

You can’t do everything yourself. But when you lack the skills to put together a website or design a logo all by yourself, a freelancer can do the project for you. There are many different gig services out there that you can outsource without sacrificing quality.

Productivity Tools

Productivity tools come in handy when you need to organize, prioritize, and schedule tasks and meetings. Tools like Slack, Google Workspace, and Google Calendar all work well for organizing and prioritizing your workforce and ensuring your business is always moving.

Automated Workflows

Many of the small, menial tasks that make up the core of your business can be automated—including confirmation emails, data entry, and many other tasks. Computer savvy business owners may opt to customize their automation using Python, but there are also pre-coded automation services out there.

Wrap up

As a small business owner, you know it takes creativity and grit to get your business moving, but it doesn’t all have to be done by you and your team. Growing your small business doesn’t need to be herculean. You can manage your work efficiently and build a more successful company with the help of just a few tech tools.

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