GETVPN vs DMVPN: Understand the difference

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Introduction to VPN Technologies

GETVPN and DMVPN are 2 commonly used VPN technologies in Enterprise WAN setups especially with large number of remote sites connecting to one HUB or Data Center Site. With both GETVPN and DMVPN technologies Hub to Spoke and Spoke to Spoke communication is possible. When any of these VPN solution needs to be deployed, especially on Cisco Routers, a security license is an additional overhead (cost) which needs to be considered.

Comparison Table: GETVPN vs DMVPN

These VPN terms seem quite similar, however, have some uncommon attributes/behaviours as enlisted in below table –




TerminologyGETVPN is a tunnel-less VPN technology providing end-to-end security for network traffic across fully meshed topology.DMVPN provides full meshed connectivity with simple configuration of hub and Spoke. DMVPN forms IPsec tunnel over dynamically/statically addressed spokes.
EncryptionGroup protectionPeer to Peer
ScalabilityMore scalable than DMVPNLess scalable than GETVPN
Public Internet supportNot supported (because of IP preservation)Yes
Essential ProtocolsGDOI , ESPNHRP
Multicast performanceBetter due to no multicast replication issues.Lower than in GETVPN
FailoverRoute redistribution and Stateful modelRoute redistribution model
Tunnel requirementNoYes
Target deploymentCustomer Sites connected on MPLS requiring additional security for communication across sites. Especially where multicast traffic is essential for enterprise.Customer Sites connected on Internet requiring Secured path for communication across sites.
Related termsKey Servers, Group Members, GDOImGRE, NHRP
RFCRFC-3547RFC 2332,RFC1701
TopologiesFull Mesh•Hub and Spoke

•Partial and Full Mesh

LicensingSecurity License on Cisco RoutersSecurity License on Cisco Routers

Download the comparison table: GETVPN vs DMVPN



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