How to disable DNS lookup in Cisco?

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Disabling DNS Lookup

When working on Cisco Routers and switches, one gives an error command which takes it to a long queue of DNS lookup.

Not only is critical time wasted, but it also becomes an irritant especially for newbies or ones who have started recently working on cisco commands.

In fact “Cntrl+Shift+6” is also useless here.



The router can be configured to use DNS lookups if one wishes to use the ping or traceroute commands with a hostname rather than an IP address. Use these commands to do so:how-to-disable-dns-lookup-in-cisco

But if one doesn’t want to wait forever when console becomes active again all you have to do is disable DNS lookup on the box.
By default, DNS lookup is enabled on the Cisco platform which causes delays in traceroutes and in a few other cases. You can simply disable it using the command :

R7(config)# no ip domain-lookup
I hope this article would have helped you in disable DNS lookup. More articles on DNS –


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