It is not possible to retrieve a password if we have lost it, however surely we can only set the password back to the default value.

To recover a lost password on the ip|engine, you must have a physical access to it. So if the password of the user ipanema is lost :

  • Attach an ASCII terminal to the console port on the ipengine
  • Configure terminal to operate at 9600 bauds, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit.
  • Reboot the ipengine (power off, power on)
  • When the line LILO / GRUB boot: appears, enter the command “rescue
  • The ipengine continues to boot in the rescue mode and restores the default password of the user ipanema.
  • Afterwards, the ipengine reboots again one time automatically

If you can’t afford a reboot, you can reboot it from IPBOSS.

The default login/password are ipanema/ipanema.

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