Intent Based Networking (IBN)

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Intent Based Networking (IBN) is networking software that help us to plan, design and operate a network, which can improve/increase network availability and agility.

In the Past things was not available in which we could tell out intentions and translate it into the device level configuration for the desired result. Intent Based Networking solution replaces the traditional practice that requires manual intervention to perform network element configuration by controller.

Following are the three IBN Characteristics –

  • Translation:  It enables network operators to express intent in a declarative and flexible manner, expressing what the expected networking behavior is that will best support the business objectives, rather than how the network elements should be configured to achieve that outcome.
  • Activation:  The captured intent then needs to be translated into policies that can be applied across the network
  • Assurance: it ensures Continuous monitoring and verification of your desired intent which has been applied and check whether the business outcome has been achieved or not.

Top Intent Based Network vendors:

  1. Cisco solution of Intent Based Network:
    • For the campus, branch, and extended enterprise: – Cisco DNA Center
    • For the WAN: – Cisco SD-WAN with vManage and vAnalytics
    • For the data center network and multicloud : – Cisco Tetration and Cisco Network Assurance Engine
  2. Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation 3.0 enables businesses to build an Intent-Based Data Center that increases application reliability and availability, simplifies deployments and operations through automation. Now Apstra Intent Based Data Center Automation also supports Intent-Based Analytics dashboards, allowing operators to create application or topology specific viewports that combine elements of multiple Intent-Based Analytics probes.
  3. Veriflow Systems: According to veriflow its verification technology predicts the network-wide behavior which help us to prevent vulnerabilities from change & human error before they are exploited and protect networks through mathematical verification.
  4. Huawei: At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Huawei launched the Intent-Driven CloudFabric DCN Solution
  5. Juniper: Juniper has designed software bot for self-driving network that helps network to configure, monitor and manage automatically with little human intervention.

There are three juniper bots:


  • Contrail TestBot (Test config before apply)
  • AppFormix HealthBot (analyze network health)
  • Contrail PeerBot (which automates network peering)


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