Introduction to Zscaler DAS – Deployment Advisory Services

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Zscaler DAS – Deployment Advisory Services

For those customers who are starting the Zscaler Cloud services or planning to move on Zscaler for their Enterprise services, they need to be apprised of DAS (Deployment Advisory Service) which guides customers through the process of configuring Zscaler to suit your organization’s bespoke needs. Based on best practices learned over the years, Zscaler DAS service renders immediate deployments of Zscaler service in addition to ensuring quick time to value of the service. DAS is a one-time paid service and leveraged to get customers properly started on their deployment

Zscaler DAS Design Considerations

DAS design considers following focus areas –

1. Traffic Forwarding 

This is the most important design and configuration requirement to get customer traffic flowing.


  • Zscaler – will focus on questionnaire like traffic throughput etc. Zscaler provides practice guidance and configures cloud-side configuration.
  • Customers – Provide the response to Zscaler questionnaire. Also, own and configure their own routers, firewalls, Switches and related network infrastructure.


2. Authentication (User Identification) 

The goals is to provide granular policy control on a user and group level. Additionally, to deliver reporting visibility on a user and group level.

  • Zscaler – Provides best practice guidance for user identification
  • Customers – Own ID management systems and perform as per Zscaler recommendations.


3. Policy Enforcement 

Focused on questions on existing policies and systems

  • Zscaler – Provides best practice guidance and set-up assistance
  • Customers – Provide policy requirements, perform as per Zscaler recommendations


4. Reporting + Logging 

This function is focused around questions on SIEM, log retention and storage location

  • Zscaler – Provides best practice guidance and set-up assistance
  • Customers – Provide reporting and logging requirements and SIEM set-up


Key considerations while using the DAS service are –

  1. Speed to Value – Success criteria is to get > 25% of user traffic flowing in 90 days
  2. Proper Design – Resiliency, Redundancy, Performance
  3. Satisfaction – 30, 60, 90 day Check-ins


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