“Cisco IP Host” – Useful Command in Cisco Devices

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Cisco IP Host

Network administrators find it hard to find IP of each Cisco device in a large networking environment and telnet each device based on IP address. Remembering every device’s IP address in itself can be a hard task to do. ‘IP host’ command in Cisco IOS is feature to support such requirement, where each device in the network may be given a name Let’s say R1 , R2etc. instead of being remembered by an IP address.

Once defined we can now connect to each device on your network via telnet by just using the host name defined which is further linked to an IP address.

Below is sample configuration on cisco Router configuration where 3 routers have been given hostnames R2, R3 and R4respectively with the ‘ip host’ command –


R1#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
R1(config)#ip host R2
R1(config)#ip host R3
R1(config)#ip host R4


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