Rashmi Bhardwaj | Interview Questions,Routing & Switching


  1. Which command is used to verify Router uptime ?
  2. What is Routing table ?
  3. Which layer does a Router function in terms of OSI Model ?
  4. What is user mode in Router ?
  5. What is privilege Mode in Router ?
  6. How do we configure a Cisco router to route IPX ?
  7. What are ways to remotely configure a router ?
  8. What does the show protocol display ?
  9. While configuring a router, what command must be used if you want to delete the configuration data that is stored in the NVRAM ?
  10. What is Routing Protocols ?
  11. What are the different memories used in a CISCO router ?
  12. When does a Cisco router generate a source quench?
  13. What is difference between Router and Switch ?
  14. What is difference between Router and Layer 3 Switch ?
  15. What is significance of clock rate do ?
  16. What is difference between Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex Communications?
  17. I want terminate WAN link on Ethernet handoff upto 50 Mbps on a cisco Router . Which cisco Router model should be used ?
  18. Does Cisco ISR Series Router support IPsec VPN ?
  19. Can Cisco 1941 Router integrated interfaces be configured to work in layer 2 mode and both interfaces extending broadcast to each other ?
  20. What is Convergence Time ?
  21. What will be the difference between below 2 configured commands on Cisco Router –
    • IP Routing
    • IP Default-gateway x.x.x.x
  22. Which are the encapsulation options on Serial port of a Router ?
  23. What is the size of IP address ?
  24. How do I configure my router to prefer an Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) route over an EIGRP route when the route is learned from both sources?
  25. Can Router be configured as DHCP Server ?
  26. What are the advantages of Static Routing ?
  27. What are the disadvantages of Static Routing ?
  28. How to reset or change enable password of Cisco Router ?
  29. What is difference between “enable password” and “enable secret” ?
  30. What are the different types of ports of a Router ?
  31. What should be the value of “Config Register” for Bootstrap to load IOS from FLASH ?
  32. What is ROMMON?
  33. What are the different modes in Router ?
  34. What is the command to enter PRIVILEGE mode from USER mode ?
  35. What is the command to backup running configuration to TFTP server and in which mode it is done ?
  36. What is the command to Reboot a Router? How to Schedule a Reload ?
  37. When configuring OSPF on a router what factor must be considered in determining the OSPF router ID ?
  38. What is the command to upgrade IOS from a TFTP server ?
  39. What is the Syntax for Static Route ?
  40. What are the Metrics for different Routing Protocols?
  41. What is CDP?
  42. What is the Command to see Cisco device neighbors ?
  43. What is Null Interface ?
  44. What is BVI ?
  45. What is AD for different Routing Protocols?
  46. What is MTU ? Can we change MTU parameters on Router ?
  47. What are the sub modes of Global configuration mode ?
  48. What is Bandwidth?
  49. What is Delay?
  50. What is Load?
  51. What is Reliability?
  52. Which commands displays Layer 1 errors on Router interface ?
  53. What is source route ?
  54. What is Brouter ?


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