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EdgeConnect licensing has been packaged to meet various levels of performance that match customer needs and network demands , obviously at the same time avoids costly overhead. All licenses are managed by the Cloud Portal.Silver Peak licenses are available as a subscription in form of 1, 3, 5 and 7 year increments.

Below are the License types features supported with each license –

  • Base – This is a Floating license and required for following feature support –
    • SDWAN (Includes Overlays and Zero Touch provisioning)
    • Throughput upto 200 Mbps
    • Path conditioning including Forward error correction and Packet order correction
    • Dynamic path control
  • Plus – This is again a floating license used to unlock the bandwidth limitation of the hardware. This license supports throughput above 200 Mbps and is only available with the EdgeConnect Base license.
  • BOOST – Boost is an optional performance pack (Fabric-wide License) that deployed flexibly to sites that require application acceleration including features like deduplication, compression and other optimizations techniques.
  • SAAS – This is Fabric-wide license for SaaS and IaaS optimization.

Infact one great benefit of license is that they can be moved from one device to another within the fabric. Notable is that all the licenses are chargeable including the Base license.


Note – Apart from above shared licenses, EdgeConnect also has another license called “Mini license” which supports throughout upto 50 Mbps.


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