What is a Server Operating System (Server OS)?

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In this era, computers are used for many fields and each of them has different requirements. As we are now dealing with a massive amount of data, it creates the need for supercomputing. This leads to the creation of a server operating system. Here is the basic information one should know about the Server Operating System. 

What is a Server Operating System?

Server Operating System also known as Server OS is a special type of Operating system designed to work on server computers. They are created or coded based on the functions of the server. To understand further you should know what a server is. 

What is a Server?

In simple terms, a Server is a large or supercomputer that serves other computers. They are supercomputers with large resources like storage, processors, etc… 


A large amount of data is stored in the Servers when other computers request to access the service with data. It is a place where large data is stored and processed.  The requesting computer is known as the client and the set up is called a client-server module.

A server can serve its clients through a local area network or international clients through a wide area network.  In short, it is a supercomputer that undergoes a complex process that your computer can’t handle and gives you the answer upon your request. 

Alright, let’s now get back to Server Operating System.

The advanced operating system has special features to handle the functions in the client-server model or architecture. It is a prime layer of software that runs another type of software or applications over them. There can be differences or changes in the server operating system based on needs. For example, there is a data server, mail server, file server, application server, and print server.  

Key features of Server Operating System

Here is the main features server operating system – 

  • It has a large number of resources that can run or execute all OS commands and processes.
  • It manages and monitors client’s computers and operating systems.
  • Act as a central interface for many computers and different operations
  • Ability to access server both GUI and command-level interface. 
  • Higher security on resources and data and large storage management. 
  • Advanced backup capability and other innovations. 
  • Applications of modern machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Server Operating System vs Desktop Operating System

Desktop OS

It is prime software of a computer that manages the computer hardware resources and runs the programs and data stored in the computer. No program can run in the system without the Desktop OS unless it’s self boosting. 

  • The resources are limited and it can handle only small functions.  
  • Numbers of users are limited due to insufficient resources.
  • It is obtained service from the server
  • It is a very simple operating system
  • Less stable and efficient 

Server OS

It is a large computer with many advanced features and hardware. The resources are unlimited as a new server plant (hardware set) can be added if needed. The server OS is the prime software that manages the whole server resources. And allocate them as per the request from the Clients (Desktop OS). 

  • It can be managed by different users and has better security. 
  • More stable, efficient, and processing power
  • It is a complex Operating system
  • It can serve multiple clients at the same time. 

Types of Server Operating Systems

There are different types of server operating systems based on the kind and functions of the server. Here are the common types of server operating systems. 

UNIX Operating System

It was originally a time-sharing operating system for personal and small computers but eventually, it became one of the best server operating systems for client-server business. It is focused on the multi-user environment and currently, more than 90 % of the service sites use the UNIX Operating system.

LINUX Operating System 

Linux is open-source or free software that can be used as an alternative for UNIX. It has all the features available with the UNIX with high customization options. 

Netware Operating System

It is a multi-user server-based network operating system. It requires a dedicated server in the network; it is mostly used in the early computer networks. 

Windows Operating System

Windows has released different series of operating systems. They update them regularly. It is the best choice if you are looking for a managed or hassle-free server operating system. There is no large room for customization. 

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