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  1. Define DID?
  2. Define DTMF?
  3. Describe Step 1 in below diagram?
  4. How a port can be configured as Data and Voice VLANs at the same time?
    Consider Data VLAN as 10 and Voice VLAN as 20?
  5. Which of the following commands would you use to forward DHCP requests from an interface connected to the subnet to a DHCP server with the IP address
  6. How does the Cisco switch communicate voice VLAN information after a Cisco IP Phone has received PoE and started the boot process?
  7. Consider below diagram and configuration, which is the Secondary communication Path for Voice between Arizona and Texas?
  8. Which DHCP option provides the IP address of a TFTP server to a Cisco IP Phone?
  9. Describe the result of below executed commands?
  10. What is an IVR?
  11. Which of the following show commands enable you to see all the Cisco IP Phones that have registered with the CME router?
  12. Entering the command ephone-dn 2 from global configuration mode creates what type of ephone-dn?
  13. Before CCP enables you to configure any phones or extensions, what component must you configure?
  14. You want to configure a dial peer to connect to a PBX system using a digital T1 CAS configuration. What type of dial peer would you create?
  15. What is the default codec used by a VoIP dial peer?
  16. Define the concept Router-on-a-stick?
  17. What is SS7?
  18. You have the following configuration entered on your voice router:dial-peer voice 99 pots
    destination-pattern 115.
    port 1/0/0A user dials the number 1159. What digits does the router send out the port 1/0/0?
  19. You enter the command call-forward max-length 0 from telephony service configuration mode. How does this affect the voice network?
  20. You entered the following configuration on the CME router:CME_Voice(config)#ephone-dn 51
    CME_Voice(config-ephone-dn)#number 3002
    CME_Voice(config-ephone-dn)#park-slot timeout 60 limit 10 recallWhat effect does this have on the voice environment?
  21. What is the bandwidth consumed by the Codec G.711?
  22. What does RTCP stand for?
  23. What is the purpose of PoE?
  24. What is a CDR?
  25. What is the bandwidth consumed by the Codec G.729?
  26. Which equipment allows the CME router to convert analog signal into VoIP packets?
  27. What is Call Park in terms of Cisco Unified CME?
  28. Which two signaling methods can CME use for endpoint control?
  29. What is Channel Associated Signaling?
  30. What is Class of Restriction?
  31. What is the bandwidth consumed by the Codec G.728?
  32. What is the maximum number of paging groups to which a Cisco IP Phone can belong?
  33. How many administrative web interfaces does CUCM provide?
  34. What is SCCP?
  35. What is SVI?
  36. Call Admission Control serves what purpose?
  37. How many call processing servers does Cisco support adding in a CUCM cluster?
  38. When run on a single server, Cisco Unity Connection can support up to 20,000 mailboxes. When combining two Cisco Unity Connection servers in an active/active redundancy pair, how many mailboxes are supported?
  39. What is the correct order of configuration of call-routing components?
  40. What is Route List?
  41. What is Route Pattern?
  42. A user hears another phone ringing, presses a softkey, enters a number, and the call is extended to his phone. What feature did the user just invoke?
  43. John is on the phone with James. Lilly uses the Whisper Intercom feature to speak to John. What happens?
  44. How does an H.323 gateway route calls inbound for the MVA service to the CUCM server hosting the service?
  45. What is the bandwidth consumed by the Codec G.726?
  46. Describe Mobile Connect?
  47. Describe Cisco Unity Connection?
  48. What is CUPC?
  49. CUPC can operate in two modes. What are they?
  50. Which CUPC mode is being used in the diagram?
  51. Which CUPC mode is being used in the diagram?


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