A Step-by-step Guide to Track Someone’s iPhone

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iPhone users feel a sense of pride about their devices. They think that iPhones are invincible, undetectable, unbeatable, unhackable. iPhone makers have always boasted about the inherent security of the devices, rightly so, they charge for it.

Despite the brouhaha about iPhones’ safety features, all that is a sham. Your online search abouthow to track an iPhone by phone number’ ends here. Be prepared to see how in a matter of 5 minutes, you can track someone’s iPhone. 

Introduction to Safespy

Safespy is a superb web-based application that allows one to track an iPhone stealthily. Honestly, you don’t need the said iPhone or permission of the iPhone user. The user of the said phone could be anywhere in the world and you could still track them. 


Frankly, there are a lot of sham tracking applications available on the internet. If you happen to fall prey for the attractive marketing gimmicks of some of them, you will regret it. Most applications have unverified sources, malware, data leakage risks. They can mess up the integrity of your system.

If you do not opt for a reliable platform such as Safespy, you would be looking for an antivirus solution. It performs seamlessly and without hassles. You could be a newbie in the phone tracking arena, but Safespy will be so convenient.

The application is absolutely discreet. It works without requiring its users to jailbreak or root through the target iPhone. Of the very many features and functions that the app possesses, below are some of the best:

Excellent User-Interface

In a wake to be technologically empowered, some spy applications tend to become uncomplicated. They can have a complicated outlook and data interface. If you are a new user, you might worry if you are clicking on the right tab.

All these worries are negated in Safespy. The application has a very neat, clean and friendly user interface. From newbies in technology to experts, all classes of people work well with the application. You need no training or demo in order to use Safespy.

Best Stealth App

Safespy has intricate stealth features incorporated into its very structure. These stealth features protect the anonymity of the tracker. The person you are tracking will never even have an idea about your tracking.  

No Jailbreaking

You do not have to jailbreak when you use Safespy. Honestly, you do not even need the target phone at all. The phone or its user could be anywhere in the world and you can be tracking them remotely.

As there are no jailbreaking requirements, it indicates lesser trails. You do not need to install any application or follow unwanted procedures. Protecting the interests of its users is the primary goal of Safespy and it surely does that.

Privacy and Data Protection

Every spy app user is concerned about data privacy. This is a matter of specific concern when one is tracking an iPhone. This is why Safespy is extremely helpful as it doesn’t store or seek personal data. The anonymity of the user is retained and protected.

Step-by-Step Guide to Track someone’s iPhone

It is so simple to track an iPhone from Safespy, it almost seems impossible. For all the fancy bells and whistles attached to an iPhone, it is extremely simple to break into. It requires little or even no effort, no target device interface at all.

This concept of phone less tracking makes Safespy very popular. Without any software installation, authorization requirements or alerts, tracking can be done. The below guide will help you in tracking an iPhone in under 5 minutes:


The first step is to register on the official site of Safespy. You can register through your email ID. You do not need to provide any further detail. Safespy only seeks bare minimum information to initiate the registration.


After you have successfully signed up with the app, you then need to choose a plan. You can browse through the plans that Safespy has to offer and select a plan of your choice. There are multiple plans that Safespy provides, each serving a different deliverable. 


After the plan of your choice has been purchased, you will then get a set up link. The set up link will be received on your registered email ID. All you have to do is to just click on the link and follow the instructions appearing on screen.


Now it’s the final stage wherein you would be required to link the said iPhone to your Safespy. For this, you need to select the target device first. As you need to spy on an iPhone, you select iOS as the target device. There are only two device options to choose from- iOS and Android. 

Now comes the part wherein you establish the link. For that, you would need to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iOS phone. If you are aware of the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone, you will track their location immediately.

So, all you need to do is rightly enter the iCloud ID and password. On successful entry, you will be taken to the Safespy dashboard. You can then select the tracking option. Hence, you will be able to access the GPS location of the said phone.

You can do all this and more without the knowledge of the iPhone user. In addition to tracking, you can check the iMessages, images, videos, social media pages and even the library of apps.

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