What is ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

What is ISP

ISP is the abbreviation for an Internet Service Provider.

Typically, it is a cable or Telephone Company that provides the user with internet service. ISPs use copper wires, satellites, fiber optics as well as other forms to enable their consumers to access the internet. The kind of access differs based on consumer preferences. Cable or DSL is the best type for use at home because they are affordable.


Bandwidth determines the price for internet service. It is the amount of data that can pass through an internet connection at a given time. ISPs link with each other by forming a communication highway. The highway pushes extreme amounts of data to smaller cities, which then feed data to the neighborhoods and into our homes.

How does it work?

All computers that connect to the internet are part of a network. Whether using a dial-up connection or a local area network, there is an Internet Service Provider company that provides you with internet service. When a user connects to an ISP, they become part of their system. The ISP then connects to a more extensive network and becomes part of their network. This series of network connections build up the internet.

Though Internet Service Providers are commonly known for providing internet service, they also offer extra services such as remote storage of information files, email accounts, and basic web hosting. Some of these additional services have limited in terms of technical support and site development and thus are not recommendable for business.

Can I access the internet without an ISP?

It is impossible to connect to the internet without an Internet Service Provider. When one connects to the internet all by themselves, then they become the internet service provider. Connecting to the internet individually requires one to acquire numbering resources from the right authority. Most of all you need to buy a bandwidth, which is very expensive. Thus, becoming your service provider is not rational unless it is for business purposes. However, there are various ways one can access the internet for free, for instance, open Wi-Fi networks.

Importance of ISP

The ISP serves as the road to the internet. It provides a direct connection from the firm’s network to the internet. Most modern business requires access to the internet and thus a service provider. The internet is an economical way of communication. ISPs act as mediators between the user and the internet by providing host sites for business.



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