What is vCloud Director and its functions?

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Introduction to vCloud Director

The platform of cloud services of flagship VMware is termed as VMware vCloud Director for the Cloud Providers. For the service delivery requirements of the Cloud providers, it serves as the pervasive control plane cloud infrastructure and for the cloud estate of global VMware, it serves as Cloud computing management tool. With the help of this vCloud Director, the lines of IT teams and business distributed geographically are allowed with cloud computing services and resources seamless consumption and provisioning in the approach that is API driven.

vCloud Director Key Features:

  • Multi-tenant resource pooling: For catering to the needs of heterogeneous enterprise customer, creation of virtual datacenters is helped by vCloud director from the distributed or common infrastructure. The cloud provider gets ability of serving and hosting several customers with the vCloud director from single vCenter that could be stretched athwart the distributed physical servers.
  • Cloud native offerings: Application development that is native to cloud for enterprise DevOps receives a simple on-ramp with vCloud director by offering VMs and Kubernetes of enterprise grade within similar environment of virtual infrastructure.
  • Deep automation: Unmatched efficiencies of infrastructure are delivered by vCloud director with the automation athwart the workflows that is context aware.
  • Service stitching and service suite: An extensive form factor is there in vCloud director and it is influenced by storage, data protection, security, network and other vendors of cloud software for their offerings native integration. Bespoke user experience is offered by cloud providers to every customer by publishing own user views and custom services.
  • Cloud management policy driven approach: Enterprises are assured by role based independent authentication, virtual isolated resources and security at cloud providers level and that of their customers. It also provides access control athwart sites, datacenters, applications and virtual machines. Additionally, cloud providers are allowed with workload placed intelligently to get higher efficiency from infrastructure of their cloud and also deliver exceeding SLAs and performance at the same time.
  • Hybrid global cloud management: Cloud providers get help from vCloud director to gain and manage deep visibility within datacenters athwart the geographies and sites and from single glass pane, the cloud resources are also monitored athwart sites.
  • Cloud availability and migration: Secure, simple extension of data center and VM migration is enabled by vCloud director with availability of vCloud. It allows simple connectivity, secure hybridity and warm or cold migrations. VCloud providers find it easy to run the offerings of data protection with enterprise environments due to integration with availability of VMware cloud.
  • Operational insights and visibility: Predictive remediation and multi-layer analytics could also be used by cloud providers for serving their enterprise customers in better manner. Visibility is also provided by the integration into accountability and costs of virtual machine for understanding virtual infrastructure granular costs needed for supporting services of business.

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vCloud Director Functions

Organization stands as the major concept behind vCloud director. It is a collection of groups and users formed by the administrator of vCloud director. An organization is assembled by administrator and then resources are assigned to it which are received by organization from vCloud director. An environment is also provided by vCloud director in which deployment, storage and operation of virtual systems can take place.


Resources could be received by the organization from more than one vCould director. Also, no limit is there on the number of groups and users that could be there with the organization. However, the responsibility of organization creation and resource assignment to it is of vCloud director. New users could also be added to the organization by admin of individual organization at will.

After the establishment of organization, access based on role is granted to the members by admin to a portal of self service that could then be used by them for resources interaction. vApps and Virtual machines could be created by them from there that serves preconfigured VMs  collections combining applications with required operating systems. Media files and vApp templates are stored in catalogs by organizations which could be accessed by its members for vApps creation. The VDC network of organization is there in each of the vCD that is available to all organization’s vApps that allows further enhancement in the overall system.

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