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Every organization’s key assets are applications and data, which are in regular use. As the organizations expand or with the lapse of time, the data tends to be very large which gets difficult to handle and where comes the need for best cloud migration tools.

The trouble becomes enormous when the organization needs to transfer that data to the cloud. The process of transferring the data and application from on-premise to the cloud is known as cloud migration and here we are discussing some best cloud migration tools. There can also be hybrid migrations which involve the shifting of some applications and while remaining at the customer site.

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Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration encompasses an array of benefits, some of which have been shared below:

  • Because of the huge amount of data on-premise, it becomes quite difficult to handle it. So, by migrating this data on the cloud you can overcome the complexity of managing data by simplifying it. By offloading the employees of the key task of handling data, they can now focus on other things too.
  • With the help of the cloud system, you are unburdened from the security issues related to the data as the cloud’s security team will be responsible for managing security and loss of data-related tasks.
  • For the maintenance of data on-premises, you need an infrastructure that incurs additional cost. But when the application is moved to the cloud, you can get the benefit of organized infrastructure while saving money.
  • Scalability is one of the key advantages of cloud computing. Whether you are scaling up slowly or quickly, a cloud data warehouse can accommodate this change with ease.

For the reduction in the maintenance cost of the private in-house data center infrastructure, companies are now moving to cloud; which is robust, scalable and does not require physical maintenance. For the migration of data, there are some tools available that make the transition to cloud much simpler and organized. These tools are available for free while others have associated cost.

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VNT Software (Real-Time Application Dependency Mapping Tools)

The biggest challenge before migrating IT assets to the cloud is to 1st understand the workloads, applications, communication across middleware and database. VNT software is one of the leading toolsets  which provides visibility of all dependencies and interaction flows, by creating detailed maps of discovered virtual and physical platforms, simplifying the migration by right sizing assets and optimizing cost by correlating transfer costs to Azure or AWS Cloud environment. Hence, you can efficiently assess costs, discover a hybrid ecosystem, model workloads for migration and much more. You may check more details on the VNT software.

List of Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools:

  1. Corent SurPasS Cloud Migration: It is one of the best service providers and received many awards. It offers various migration packages depending on the customer’s needs and requirements. They also provide their services and product through independent software, cloud computing vendors and systems integrators. Provide the facility of migration for both data and server.
  2. Azure Migration Tools: The cloud migration service provided by Microsoft is Azure (free of cost). While migrating it saves up to 40% of Windows server license which means that the license of Windows server can be used by the companies on the cloud that was on-premise, thus reducing the cost of license on Azure Windows servers.
  3. Cloudhealth Cloud Migration by Vmware: Public cloud migration tools provided by Cloudhealth was acquired by Vmware. It supports Azure cloud and AWS platforms and works with precise planning, monitoring, and security.
  4. AWS Cloud Migration tool: It is considered to be the best for cloud migration. This service is provided by Amazon and requires no cost.
  5. Densify: It is another on-demand service which is paid one. A trial period is available for 14 days. It also provides Scaling Group Optimization, Database Sizing, Compute Sizing, Instance Family Optimization and Reserved Instance Optimization.
  6. Microfocus PlateSpin Migration Factory: Most versatile cloud migration product. It works on two solutions. One is PlateSpin Transformation Manager, which helps in planning and tracking of migration projects. Another one is PlateSpin Migrate which provides the server migration to the cloud or vice versa.
  7. Turbonomic: It works on the workload automation platform and available free for the first 30 days. The optimization of the resources is done both- on-premises and in the cloud.
  8. Carbonite: With the help of Carbonite, you can move data, application or entire server easily between clouds and virtual platforms. It is repeatable processes and a paid solution with an offer of the trial period.
  9. Fivetran: It is not free but 14 days trial period. It provides the service of connectors to a wide range of data sources such as Analytics, MySQL, Salesforce, MongoDB, Google cloud storage, Shopify and Amazon Aurora.
  10. Google cloud platform (GCP) + Velostrata: It is a start-up that was acquired by Google. With the help of Velostrata, Google has increased the efficiency of cloud migration by 10 times.

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