6 Reasons Why Refurbished Servers Are Better

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Companies these days are constantly looking for ways to acquire new technology for their businesses. And if they can do this at a highly reduced cost, these companies are more than willing to cut deals any day. The truth is that emerging business practices of the 21st century always make strict demands for continuous improvement of IT infrastructure. So, as a business entity, if you aren’t already learning to climb the ropes, then you may run over budget every time.

Why Refurbished Servers Are Better?

Most companies’ IT needs are nowhere more evident than in acquiring servers. Servers serve a wide range of purposes in organizations. Almost no modern company can run without servers. This explains why businesses invest in this piece of equipment for the long haul. But how do you do that at a reduced cost? Keep reading to find out six reasons why refurbished servers are better.

1. Scalability

Scalability is one of the main reasons companies and businesses go for refurbished servers. For the fact that you can get a refurbished server at half the price you would ordinarily get a new one, scalability is enabled here. It becomes easy to upgrade in cases where there is so much workload and a need for more computing power.


In times like these, going for a used server is a great way to operate within a slim budget and still get great value for your money.

2. Performance

Most refurbished servers perform with the same speed and accuracy as a brand new one. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between one from another. In many known cases, refurbished Dell servers are known to outperform new ones when put in the same situation. This is common knowledge among many IT companies, so they do not spend their hard-earned dollars on things that do not matter at the end of the day. 

If you can get a huge discount on something that performs as optimally as a new one, it makes sense to go for it.


3. Reliability

You may not know this, but from the moment a server is refurbished till it gets to your hand, it undergoes a series of reliability tests. From the plant where it was refurbished, it is tested to find flaws and anomalies. A second test is conducted still on the plant till it gets to the retail outlet when the third form of performance test is carried out. This third test is conducted on what is known as the client design. Once the refurbished server passes all three tests, it is declared fit for the market. So reliability in this instance is not in question.

4. Price

You cannot overlook the juicy deals that come with purchasing a used server. It is just too enticing to talk your way out of it. Some may argue that a new server is better or outperforms an old or refurbished one. That is a misnomer in certain quarters as it has been established that the reverse is sometimes the case.

If you even want to consider the price drop in getting a refurbished against a brand new one, then any tiny performance gap doesn’t hold water. With refurbished servers, you can save between 30% and 50%, which you can channel into other things. It is a win-win for you, really.

5. Customization

Buying a refurbished or used server allows you to customize it to your taste and peculiar needs. This is quite different with new servers. A prepackaged new server has very little room for upgrades, especially if you purchase from a retailer. Tampering with the factory design may not be advisable as it could develop errors. A refurbished server, on the other hand, has been dismantled down to its skeletal framework, so customization is very possible at this point. This is even one of the reasons many companies opt for them.

6. Significantly Reduced Delivery Time

Refurbished servers are usually built ready-to-go. As such, they have a very fast delivery time. This is because products usually depreciate once they are tagged as secondhand. So once you place an order for a refurbished server, expect delivery within a business day, two tops. Even if it’s a custom order, you still get a delivery in the same time frame. This is a huge difference with new servers that can take up to 3 to 6 business days to get delivered; it may even be longer if a particular model is not in stock.


Meet Your Organization’s Need With Refurbished Servers

We have just shown you six reasons why refurbished servers are better than new ones. You save a lot of money and yet get twice the value at one single price point. It is always the best investment any company can make, leaving you something to put towards other company endeavors.


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