3 Quick Tips for Capturing More SaaS Leads in 2024

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Capturing more leads is something every software business wants to do. The more leads you can successfully attract, nurture with automation and deliver to your sales teams, the more chances you’ll have for growth. Unfortunately, as many business leaders know, successfully attracting a high volume of relevant leads isn’t always easy.

Even with dozens of tools to help you automate the lead generation process today, you’ll need a smart strategy to ensure you’re getting the most out of your conversion opportunities. Thankfully, there are ways you can successfully boost your chances of not only capturing more leads, but also turning those leads into loyal repeat customers and loyal subscribers.

Here are some top tips to get you started.


1. Enhance ABM Efforts with Prospecting Research

Capturing leads isn’t the same as simply generating traffic. When you’re working on your lead capturing potential as a SaaS brand, you’re looking for ways to generate meaningful relationships with potential clients. Account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns are excellent for this purpose.

AMB campaigns focus on using personalized campaigns to attract and engage specific accounts individually, and improve the maximum lifetime value of your conversions. However, while ABM strategies can be extremely valuable, they also require a significant amount of access to the right data.

A lead generation tool capable of giving you rich information about your target audience can be extremely important for any business trying to take their lead capturing and conversion strategy to the next level. The right data will allow you to create highly customized campaigns which boost your chances of conversions, and help you to improve your brand reputation.

Remember, the right research also needs to be up-to-date. Ensuring you regularly update your insights and enhance your user profiles with the latest information about your ideal buyers’ competitors, markets and target audiences will help you to stay one step ahead of other vendors.

2. Pay Attention to Intent Signals

Speaking of using data to your advantage in the lead capturing landscape, it’s important to make sure you’re making the most of all the right data. Intent data signals can help you to determine if someone is interested in buying your service or product, by looking at specific page visits, or links clicked.


According to research from TrustRadius, only around 40% of software companies are using intent data for lead generation, but this could be a serious mistake. Intent data is one of the secret weapons many marketers miss in today’s digital landscape.

The more you know about how ready to buy your leads are to buy, the easier it is to ensure your messaging will resonate. With intent data, you can improve your chances of reaching out to the people or companies who are most likely to purchase your software, and improve your ROI as a result.

Using intent data means you spend less of your time focusing marketing and sales efforts on people who might not be ready to make a purchase yet. You can use intent data for lead scoring, to guide your content creation strategies, and to help with moving people down the sales funnel using personalized ads and emails.

3. Upgrade Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are among the most important tools for lead generation and lead capturing in any business. Interestingly, the more landing pages you have, the more likely you are to gain leads. One study found that companies with more than 30 landing pages on their websites generated up to seven times more leads than those with five or fewer landing pages.

Of course, to generate real success, you can’t rely exclusively on quantity over quality. A good landing page also needs to be able to genuinely grab the attention of your audience, and convince them to take action, so they can acquire something valuable.

To improve the quality of your landing pages, start by refining the content you have on them. Focus on highlighting the benefits of whatever you have to offer, and remove anything that might be distracting, or cause your customer to lose interest.

Next, think about how your landing page is going to actively convince someone to convert. The most obvious way to encourage action from someone who has already landed on your website is to use a lead magnet. For software companies, free demos are a goldmine for increasing lead capture. A demo can be a fantastic way to give your clients a taste of your product, reducing the risk they perceive to be taking on with a long-term investment.

Capture More Leads for Your Company

Capturing leads can be a complex process for any brand, but it’s particularly complicated when you know you need to build long-term relationships with the prospects you’re reaching. Doing the right research initially to ensure you’re building effective ABM campaigns and paying attention to intent signals will help you to make the most out of your marketing and sales budget.

At the same time, improving your landing pages and making sure they’re ready to convert your target audience with the right magnets and content will ensure you get more viable opportunities for sales.


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