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Do you miss your childhood friend but have lost contact with him for years? Do you doubt the man living in your neighbourhood being real? Or are you looking for some real person who can help you out in your need? All these issues now have a solution. 

Finding someone to contact them has now become a lot easier and faster. All you need to do is type their original name and follow some new links. You can search for someone using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. 

But what if they are not available on those platforms? What do you do then? Many people still exist in the globe who are not available on any social platforms. Hard to believe? But it’s perfectly alright for them! 


To find the detailed information of such people, we have brought you some exciting tools that will help you out to discover the person you are looking for effortlessly. The Internet is a boon, let’s take more advantages from it, let’s start with our list. 


CocoFinder is the most popular and the most preferred tool that most of the people are using these days. This is truly an excellent tool as it provides in-depth information about a particular person irrespective of their location and age.

You also get to see their images, house address, criminal history, assets, income status, friends and family details, and a lot more. All you need to do is search people by their names or through the filters like age, location, area PIN code, area of interest, mother tongue, etc. 

You can find your family members, friends, acquaintances, dates and many more things through the alphabetical directory. Moreover, you can use email Id to search for their social media profiles and others.

This application allows you to check the backgrounds of a person. The application consists of a huge number of databases and provides high-speed computing. Another best thing about this application is that your privacy never gets hampered as there is no tracking of your searches. 

This tool is highly recommended by us, as it is also easy to understand and manage.


With Intelius, you can receive highly tailored searches along with comprehensive reports. Not only the public records but also arrest records address lookup, phone lookup, and many more things are available here. 

This is a paid application if you want to get more access to a particular person’s information. You will get every detail of a person starting from their phone numbers to their complete background check and much other useful information. 

You can purchase the information of a person from this application, and it will lead you directly to the person who is looking for it. The application is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. The price of searching for a person starts from $40. 


Pipl is a free search tool that brings results from different other sites. Because of those other sources, Pipl turns out to be one of the best tools that provide a great number of addresses, contact numbers, and chunks of other essential data of the person you are searching for. 

It also provides links to public records, online mentions and much other useful information that you might need. It allows the user to search within a specific city, state and zip code which makes that work even easier. 

Suppose you are looking for someone and know their geographical location. In that case, you will be easily able to narrow down the search results of that particular area.

Zoom info 

This tool is really useful, especially if you are looking for someone at their job. In this application, when you look for someone, you get the information about their job titles and employers along with the locations. 

You can use the application for free, but there is a call button option which you can use only after signing up. Besides that, there are some more features that you can enjoy, but for that, you’ll need to pay $99 per month. 

You can also try to do a little more by calling up the company and asking for the direct number or the email address of the person you are looking for by paying some extra charges. 

Inmate search 

This tool is another one which you can use to find inmates and the federal system. You can find anyone quickly and very affordably using this tool. It includes a list of information for each state, and it makes searching relatively easy and manageable. 

You can retrieve an Inmate’s information by their name, their date of birth and their inmate identification. If you know the state where the person you are looking for belongs to, you can easily search for them. You can use this tool on any of your Android as well as iOS devices easily.


This tool, as the name suggests, is designed to search for jobs. You can search for a job that suits you for free of cost. The tool acts as a job aggregate and has all the information regarding jobs collected here. Besides that, it also offers the facility to search for a particular person. 

This tool is mainly used to search for the employers and recruiters searching for leads. It offers exact contact information that can help you to get the genuine details of a person. It is rare to find a job site that offers such features and facilities.

Zaba Search

You can use this application for free to search for people you have been looking for. This tool is really worth a try, but this site looks up to Intelius to search for the phone numbers which charge for the information. 

You can search for the information of the residents of the United States Of America and get other valuable information. You can search for a person by their past addresses, their date of birth, their past phone numbers and others. 



There are many other ways by which you can search for someone without any difficulty. The tools mentioned above are used by many and have been trusted by many as the details provided in there are all correct and genuine. 

You can try and find out the criminal record of a person near you working under the U.S. government or not if the person is real or fraud and many more things. All the sites mentioned above are genuine and easy to use and also manage. 

Besides that, you will never have to worry about your privacy getting leaked or your data getting traced with these applications. So your wait is now over. Get these tools and get your work done in just a few minutes.

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