DMZ Cisco ASA Configuration to Inside Zone and Internet Zone Communication

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In the Cisco ASA firewall, there may be asked to have a customized configuration for communication across different assets across Security Zones. It’s imperative to share the default Security level Across Zones configured on Cisco ASA Firewall as below –

Outside Zone (Unsecured) = 0

Inside Zone (Secured)         = 100


DMZ Zone (Semi Secured)  = 50

Please note that more Secured traffic can send traffic to less secured zone however less secured zone to more secured traffic cant be possible and requires policy to be implemented on the firewall.

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Below is a scenario where we need to configure DMZ Zone server communication to Internet Zone and some selected IPs in Inside Secure Zone.

DMZ Cisco

The key requirement of DMZ access is enlisted below –

  • Web Server (in DMZ with IP should have access to unsecured Internet over HTTP and HTTPS protocols only. Rest of the traffic should be blocked.
  • DMZ Web Server should be able to reach SQL Server in inside network rest of traffic should be blocked.


STEP 1 –

Allow specific traffic from the DMZ to the inside.

access-list DMZ_WEB line 1 extended permit tcp host object inside-network eq sqlnet
Deny all other traffic from the DMZ to the inside.
access-list DMZ_WEB line 2 extended deny ip host inside-network

STEP 2 –

Allow specific traffic from the DMZ to the outside.

access-list DMZ_WEB line 3 extended permit tcp host any4 eq http

access-list DMZ_WEB line 4 extended permit tcp host any4 eq https

STEP 3 –

Block Everything else.

access-list DMZ_WEB line 5 extended deny ip any any

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