Single Site with Internet Only :-
1. Internet Access for Inside users and Servers.(Inside to Outside traffic flow)
2. Internet Access for Servers on DMZ Zone (Outside to Inside traffic flow)
3. No VPN.

– Internet Links will terminate on Internet Router which will be Gateway for Internet traffic.
– Internet Firewall shall provide Perimeter security via separate Zones
Outside/Internet Zone (Security Level 0)
DMZ Zone (Security Level 50)
Inside Zone (Security Level 100)
  Note – More on Firewall Security Zone is available here.
– Internet facing portals may be placed on DMZ Switch (eg Web Server,Public DNS Server etc).
– Core Switch will in secured inside Zone of Internet Firewall will form the layer 3 gateway for all the Vlans namely – User Vlans,Inside Server  Vlans,Management Vlan etc.It would be preferred to make Core Switch as gateway to all the Users/Server Vlans in Inside Zone and not the Internet Firewall. This practice offloads the firewall from Layer2 broadcast and ARP queries from Inside Zone User and Server Vlans endpoints.
– User Access switches and Server farm switches will connect directly to end hosts.


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