Single Site with Internet Only 


1. Internet Access for Inside users and Servers.(Inside to Outside traffic flow)
2. Internet Access for Servers on DMZ Zone (Outside to Inside traffic flow)
3. No VPN.


– Internet Links will terminate on Internet Router which will be Gateway for Internet traffic.
– Internet Firewall shall provide Perimeter security via separate Zones

Outside/Internet Zone (Security Level 0)
DMZ Zone (Security Level 50)
Inside Zone (Security Level 100)

 Note – More on Firewall Security Zone is available here.

– Internet facing portals may be placed on DMZ Switch (eg Web Server,Public DNS Server etc).
– Core Switch will in secured inside Zone of Internet Firewall will form the layer 3 gateway for all the Vlans namely –

User VLANs, Inside Server  VLANs, Management VLAN etc. It would be preferred to make Core Switch as gateway to all the Users/Server VLANs in Inside Zone and not the Internet Firewall. This practice offloads the firewall from Layer2 broadcast and ARP queries from Inside Zone User and Server VLANs endpoints.

– User Access switches and Server farm switches will connect directly to end hosts.

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