Cloud Computing in Education Industry

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In the last few years education industry has become important and crucial. Education industry is funded by the private sector and government both. Education space has become the largest industry which is promoted by the funding of government with a budget of billions of dollars.

The biggest challenge faced by the government in providing education is the less infrastructure availability and if it is available then there is no proper maintenance. It is really a difficult task to maintain already existing infrastructure as it requires hardware & software both and human skills to support infrastructure.

The problem of setting up of infrastructure and its maintenance can be resolved with the help of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing technology is a set up of computing resources which are located anywhere but can be shared. By the implementation of this innovation we can easily overcome from the unavailability of the resources and can check the unified framework from each and every angle. Before setting up of cloud computing, requirement of the institute or education organization is analyzed first and then quality training is given to the students, class exhibitors and teachers so that they can easily learn the technology without stressing them for framework issue.


The cloud computing assures that each and every person of the institute whether it’s is a student, instructor, staff or guardian should have the access for the utilization of data from any gadget and from any place. Cloud Computing technology is open for private and government foundation even if they have few resources and assets.

Why to store data in the cloud?

  • Nearly seventy six percent of the institutes have adopted cloud computing and their operational cost has reduced.
  • Thirty five percent institutes have uploaded more than 1 Tb of the data to cloud.
  • According to various stats, nearly 43 % institutes of higher education are using cloud computing or some of them are planning to use it.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing in education sector has plethora of benefits not only from the commercial perspective, but from other unstated profits. Some of the benefits it offers are as follows:

  • Diminished Costs: Cloud computing base administrations helps the institutes in decreasing the cost and utilization of new innovations become very fast which is very important. Students can use the office application without buying or installing it and remain updated with the latest version on their system. Most of time it asks to pay per use. Henceforth, value add is seen not only on Opex, but also on Capex front.
  • Easy Access: Anything you are using whether it a power point presentation, notes or grades can be easily transferred without any difficulty. With Internet speeds increasing drastically, access to cloud resources has also become simpler and faster.
  • Security: Your information is in the form of content, pictures, slides or data and it is necessary that it should be safe. In cloud computing proper verification is required to access the information so it becomes very secure as no one can access it without ID or password.
  • Shareability: Cloud Computing has open the doors for the student to learn new technology being sitting in any part the world. If a student does not get the opportunity to learn in his or her institute they can learn from outside university without any problem.
  • Programming of cloud computing is cost-effective: One of the high point of cloud computing is its software. It is based on Software-as-an- Service (SaaS) model. This software can be run free or with some membership premise which cuts down the cost of the software installation and makes easy for the students to use it.
  • Practice environmental safety: Cloud in education will diminish the impression of carbon.
  • Easy update: You have made a lesson and then want to update it. No need to worry about it using cloud computing. Cloud Computing provides extra space for the corrections and then update it in the order you have arranged.

Considering the above shared parameters, cloud computing is decreasing out the cost and making it easy for the students to use the assets from anywhere. Whether one is an instructor, guardian, staff or chairman, it is the high time to migrate to the amazing and incredible technology of cloud computing. Especially for students, access to educational resources from anywhere in the world is just the tip of iceberg, with array of blessing which can be reaped out from medium of Cloud computing. In the nutshell, pragmatic to say that education through the medium of Cloud based learning is making a bright future for mankind.

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