Difference between IPS and IDS – Download Detailed Comparison Table

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Difference between IPS and IDS


IPS is an abbreviation for Intrusion Prevention System – a system which inspects traffic flowing through the network and blocks or else remediates flows with malicious traffic.

IPS usually uses a combination of traffic and file signatures and heuristic analysis of flows.


Having said that, you will find solutions with both capabilities of IDS and IPS built-in. IDS can be used initially to see how the system behaves without actually blocking anything.

Then once fine-tuned IPS can be turned on and the system can be deployed inline to provide full protection.


IDS is an abbreviation for Intrusion Detection System – a system similar to IPS but does not affect flows in any way – only logs or alerts on malicious traffic to the central management system.

Comparison table: Difference between IPS and IDS

Now that we have a basic understanding of IDS and IPS, let’s enumerate the difference in IDS vs IPS Table –

Abbreviation for
Intrusion Prevention System
Intrusion Detection System
System Type
Active (monitor & automatically defend) and/ or passive
Passive (monitor and Notify)
Detection mechanism
Statistical anomaly based detection
Signature detection:
* Exploit-facing signatures
* Vulnerability-facing signatures
Signature detection:
* Exploit-facing signatures
Inline to data communication
Out of band from data communication
Anomaly response
Drop, alert or clean malicious traffic
Sends alarm/alert of detecting malicious traffic
Network performance impact
Slow down network performance due to delay caused by inline IPS processing
Does not impact network performance due to non-line deployment of IDS.
Preferred by most organization since detection and prevention are automatically performed
Does not block legitimate traffic which might be blocked by IPS at times.


Download the comparison table here.





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