FCoE vs FCIP – What is the difference?

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As technology moves ahead so are the technical jargon. One such case includes FCoE and FCIP terminologies in the storage domain.

An understanding of terms and their working principle is imperative to have a robust and high-performance solution perfect to meet the enterprise business requirement.FCoE vs FCIP

What is FCoE?

FCoE stands for Fibre Channel over Ethernet. FCoE is the encapsulation of Fibre Channel into Ethernet. The approach is to unify LAN and SAN and send both traffic across the single infrastructure. To summarize, FCoE enables “unifying” traffic into a single “converged” network.


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What is FCIP?

FCIP stands for Fibre Channel over IP. FCIP is about the wrapping of FC frame into a TCP stream for reliably transporting FC Frames over an IP network, which is used for things like SAN to SAN replication over a WAN.

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Let’s understand in more details the difference between both FCoE and FCIP –

Abbreviation for
Fibre Channel over Ethernet
Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol
FCoE unifies enterprise Data and storage into a single "converged" network.
FCIP uses a tunnel to transfer data between networks. FCIP is about transporting FC frames over IP across networks
Usage stage
FCoE works across all stages - host to network, network-to-network and network-to-storage.
FCIP only works at one stage i.e. switch-to-switch
Non-Routable across networks since it runs without TCP/IP at the Ethernet layer
Routable across networks
ScopeLimited within a Data Centre
Across all Data Centres of enterprise using Storage
Operating model
Operates directly above Ethernet in the network protocol stack, runs "without" TCP/IP at the Ethernet layer
FCIP protocol works by transmitting FC frames over TCP/IP, which can route FCIP FC frames over existing Ethernet switches and routers.

Download the difference table here.



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