How to Factory Reset Juniper SRX Device?

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JUNIPER SRX Device Factoty Reset

Sometimes administrators working on Junos platform need a juniper factory reset. Juniper reset has quite a few options to meet this requirement – one via manually resetting SRX to the default setting and one via issuing CLI command. So let’s understand both the ways in detail –

Using the Reset Button –

The config reset button functionality is available in SRX and J-Series platform on juniper reset devices. The reset Config button is available on the front panel of the SRX device.

User can press this button to reset the device to its factory default configuration.  The Reset Config button is depressed to prevent from being accidentally pressed by anyone working near the device.


We need to put a straightened paper clip or pen to press the button. All the configuration files, including the rescue configuration and backup configurations, will be deleted.

Following list of JUNIPER SRX platforms come under the purview of this configuration –

  • SRX650
  • SRX550
  • SRX240
  • SRX220
  • SRX210
  • SRX110
  • SRX100

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Using the Load Factory-Default Command –

The load factory-default command in the config mode will only erase the configuration and load the factory default configuration. However, you have to set the root-authentication password prior to committing the configuration.

Type the load factory-default command:

root@host# load factory-default


Use the set system root-authentication plain-text-password command to set a new root password for the device:

root@host# set system root-authentication plain-text-password


Type the root password and retype it to confirm it:

New password:Retype new password:

Caution: Prior to committing the changes, if an IP address is not assigned for the ‘ge-0/0/0′ interface, create a local user account and type the routing information; either via the CLI configuration or DHCP. The SRX device will no longer be remotely accessible.

To manage the SRX firewall device, you must connect a PC or laptop to the physical console or attach the PC or laptop to a subnet that is directly connected to the ge-0/0/0 interface, which is assigned an IP address of ‘′.

Use the commit and-quit command to commit the configuration and exit the configuration mode –

root@host# commit and-quit

After the commit, the factory default configuration will be the running configuration

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