Root Password Recovery of Juniper SRX: Network Troubleshoot

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There are times when administrators forget the root password for an SRX platform devices and Juniper has provision to address this situation and use password recovery procedure to reset the root password. In this process watchdog functionality will be disabled to allow the system to properly boot into single user mode.


Step-by-Step Password Recovery procedure for Juniper SRX

Below is the Step-by-Step process to recover root password for Juniper SRX platform:

1 – Press power button on the front panel to power on the router. The POWER LED on the front panel turns green. Also, the console should continuously display the boot message.


2 – When the auto boot completes, press the Spacebar a few times to access the bootstrap loader prompt.

3 – Disable the watchdog functionality and enter boot-s to start up the system in single-user mode as below –

loader> watchdog disable
loader>boot –s

The SRX Series device will start up in single-user mode.

4 – Enter recovery to start the root password recovery procedure.

System watchdog timer disabled. Enter full pathname of shell or ‘recovery’ for root password recovery or RETURN for /bin/sh: recovery

5 – Enter configuration mode in the CLI and set the root password –

[edit] user@host# set system root-authentication plain-text-password

6 – Enter the new root password.

New password: junipersrx
Retype new password: junipersrx 

7 – Once configured, commit the configuration.
root@host# commit
commit complete
8 – Exit from configuration mode. Then, Exit from operational mode.

9 – Request system reboot. Then, Enter y to reboot the device.

root@host# run request system reboot
Reboot the system? [y/n] y

The start up messages display on the screen.

10 – press the Spacebar a few times to access the bootstrap loader prompt.

11 – In operational mode, enable the watchdog functionality and enter boot to start up the system.

loader>watchdog enable
12 – The SRX Series device starts up again and prompts to enter a user name and password. Enter the newly configured password:
Sat Jan 12 11:12:32 UTC 2011
Devicenew (ttyu0)
login: root
Password: junipersrx

Hope this document helped the audience with procedure to recover root password of SRX device platform.

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