LiFi vs WiFi – Detailed Comparison

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Introduction to LiFi and WiFi

If you’re not satisfied with how your WiFi network works, be relieved to know that there’s a new innovation called LiFi will shortly overpower normal WiFi speed. Introducing the LiFi, a new technology that is 10 to 100 times faster than the WiFi.

Now that we know LiFi will be big threat to WiFi technology , its important that we know how both are different and each outshines the other . We as users will feel the new LiFi Technology conquering the world with its state of art technology and underpinning features.

Comparison Table: LiFi vs WiFi

Lets se the table below to compare on various features and parameters –





Technology IrDA compliant devices WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad standard
Operating Frequency 10,000 times frequency spectrum of radio 2.4 GHz , 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz
Coverage Around 10 meters Around 32 meters and varies on power /antennae type
Data Density Works in high dense environment Works in less dense environment
Privacy Light is blocked by walls , hence more secured. RF signal cant be blocked by walls , hence less secured
Data Tranfer Speed Faster transfer speed (>1 Gbps) Slower transfer speed (150 Mbps)
Medium of Data Transfer Light as the carrier Radio spectrum is carrier
Spectrum Range Light has spectrum 10000 times broader than radio frequency Radio frequency spectrum is much less than light spectrum
Cost Cheaper than Wifi due to –

1 – No license required for light band

2 – Lower installation cost

Cheaper than Wifi due to –

1 – License required for radio band

2 – Higher installation cost

Ecological impact Low Medium
Market Maturity Low High
System components Lamp driver, LED bulb (lamp) and photo detector will make up complete LiFi system. requires routers to be installed, subscriber devices(laptops, PDAs, desktops) are referred as stations
Applications Used in airlines, undersea explorations, operation theaters in the hospitals, office and home premises for data transfer and internet browsing Used for internet browsing with the help of wifi kiosks or wifi hotspots
Merits(advantages)  Interference is less, can pass through salty sea water, works in densely region Interference is more, can not pass through sea water, works in less densely region

Download the comparison table here.

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