PAGP vs LACP – Difference b/w PAGP & LACP Explained


EtherChannel protocol allows ports with similar characteristics to form a Bundle through dynamic negotiation(LACP and PAgP) or Forceful enforcement (ON) with connected network devices.

While configuring EtherChannel across devices (Switches/Routers), 2 most widely used negotiation protocols are PAgP and LACP. While PAgP is Cisco proprietary, LACP is Open standard and supported by most of the vendors.

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In order to configure EtherChannel through PAgP, Auto and Desirable are the keywords used while LACP uses Active and Passive modes.

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In fact, the multicast address used by both Negotiation modes are dissimilar – PAgP uses “01-00-0C-CC-CC-CC” and LACP uses “01-80-c2-00-00-02”

Difference between PAGP and LACP

A detailed comparison between both PAGP vs LACP is enlisted in the below table –

Abbreviation for
Port Aggregation Protocol
Link Aggregation Control Protocol
Cisco Proprietary
Open Standard (IEEE 802.3ad)
Configuration Modes
* Auto
* Desirable
* Active
* Passive
Multicast Address
Supported by
Etherchannel and 802.3ad
Year of Introduction
Invented in the early 1990s
IEEE passed 802.3ad (LACP) In year 2000
Switch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode
Switch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode

Download the difference table here.



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