Silver Peak – Introduction to SD-WAN

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Silverpeak - Introduction to SD-WAN

Silver Peak: SD-WAN Solution

Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution of “Unity EdgeConnect ” is destined to capture the WAN Market by storm. With growing stress on organizations to move towards Cloud and reduction of WAN costs (especially MPLS) , Silver Peak Solution of EdgeConnect rightly addresses the Business demands by reducing the WAN Bandwidth costs and providing same end user experience. Furthermore some of add-on benefits this product provides include ZTP, Integrated WAN optimization, routing and security.

Notable is that Silver Peak has sprinted to Leaders Quadrant in the Gartner rating and showcased itself along with likes of key SD-WAN leaders like Cisco and Riverbed.Next , let’s understand the components of Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution and how it benefits the customers.

3 Elements of Silver Peak Solution

The 3 elements Silver Peak solution is made up of are –


The Cloud Portal

Is responsible for managing all licenses without user action. All the devices must be connect to Silver Peak Cloud Portal in order to make use of all the feature of SD-WAN Solution.


Orchestrator was formerly called GMS (Global Management Software). An orchestrator is responsible for management and configuration of Silver Peak EdgeConnect devices and NX/VX appliances. It centrally assigns policies to secure and control all WAN traffic. Orchestrator must connect to Cloud Portal for it to function.


Can be either a physical or virtual appliances deployed in branch offices to create a secure, virtual network overlay. It is responsible for creating connections and must connect to Cloud Portal.

Benefits of Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution

Below are the benefits that can be reaped from Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution –

Flexibility – Allows to rapidly and seamlessly add or replace their MPLS networks with any form of broadband connectivity.

Visibility & Control – Discrete level of visibility on all Business critical applications (on premise + Cloud) and centrally assign policies to secure and control all WAN traffic.

Enhanced end user Performance – end-user satisfaction is significantly improved due to consistent and significantly enhanced application performance.

OPEX and CAPEX Savings – Drastic reduction in WAN connectivity, device and network administration costs by enabling customers to leverage lower-cost Internet bandwidth.

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