Top 50 Terraform Interview Questions

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Terraform interview questions ebook

Terraform Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Terraform Interview:

Q1. What is Infrastructure as a code (IaC)?

Q2. What is Terraform?

Q3. How Terraform supplements DevOps?


Q4. List down some uses cases of Terraform?

Q5. What Terraform plugins known as?

Q6. What are the steps involved in standardization of deployment workflow in Terraform?

Q7. Who all are major competitors of Terraform?

Q8. Describe functioning of Terraform?

Q9. What is Terraform init?

Q10. Describe Terraform providers?

Q11. Terraform officially support how many providers?

Q12. Describe Terraform modules?

Q13. Differentiate between Terraform module and provider.

Q14. What is the purpose of different types of files in modules?

Q15. Explain types of Terraform modules?

Q16. Which version control tools are supported by Terraform?

Q17. Describe the architecture of Terraform?

Q18. List down the responsibilities of Terraform core.

Q19. What is the responsibility of Provisioner plugins?

Q20. Which option of Terraform init let you check upgradation of plugins?

Q21. Describe Terraform workspaces?

Q22. What are the limitations of workspaces?

Q23. List down some key characteristics of Terraform?

Q24. List down some key features of Terraform modules?

Q25. List down some of the key requirements of modules?

Q26. What data types are supported by Terraform?

Q27. Explain in detail about Terraform State Management.

Q28. What is Terraform state locking and how it helps in tempering of file?

Q29. What command is used to disable Terraform locking ?

Q30. Describe about Terraform backends?

Q31. Explain in brief about types of backends available in Terraform?

Q32. List down names of some standard backends available in Terraform.

Q33. List down some of the functions of Terraform backend?

Q34. Does GitHub is supported backend type in Terraform?

Q35. Which backends support state locking?

Q36. Which backends not support state locking?

Q37. What command is used to manually unlock the state if unlocking fails?

Q38. Diiferentiate between Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise.

Q39. What is air gap install in Terraform?

Q40. In what language Terraform is coded?

Q41. Differentiate between Terraform and Ansible.

Q42. Explain declarative approach w.r.t to Terraform.

Q43. Differentiate between Terraform and Puppet.

Q44. What is Terragrunt and where it is used?

Q45. List down some advantages of Terragrunt in Terraform

Q46. What is a taint resource in Terraform?

Q47. What command is used to mark a resource taint in Terraform?

Q48. What command is used to mark a resource as untaint in Terraform?

Q49. How dependencies are defined in Terraform?

Q50. What are the two options available for Plan and apply in Terraform?


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