VMware VeloCloud SDWAN Components: Detailed Explanation

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The faster and on demand provisioning is one of the key features of cloud computing. Networks being an integral part of cloud infrastructure needs to be scalable and support faster provisioning to support businesses. Cloud network services solutions such as VMware VeloCloud SDWAN (software defined networking) let organizations enable sites quickly for deployments of legacy and cloud-based applications on Internet broadband and private networks. The end objective is to ensure application performance over hybrid networks and Internet along with simplified deployments and reduction in costs. 

Today we look more in detail about VMWare VeloCloud SDWAN solution and its components, their features, deployment architecture. 

VMware VeloCloud SDWAN Components

VMware VeloCloud Edge

Acts as an entry point to SDWAN infrastructure. Could be virtual software or physical device meant to provide secure and optimal connectivity for private, public and hybrid applications; computing services, virtualization services. It performs deep recognition of applications, per packet application steering, performance metrics on-demand remediation, performing end to end Quality of service (QoS) and virtual network function hosting services (VNF). Paired edges provide high availability and redundancy at data centers.


Edges can be deployed at branch sites, larger sites and in data centers. It provides secure connectivity to applications and virtualization services in an optimized manner and all other network infrastructure components are available on-demand over cloud. Multiple WAN link aggregation from different providers is performed by  Edge devices to send traffic on per packet basis via best WAN link to the gateway it is peered at. It can remediate issues such as loss, jitter, and latency on public internet provider links.

Features of VeloCloud Edge

  • Centralized configuration and management 
  • Performs link monitoring and remediation of issues related to loss, jitter, and latency
  • Performs end to end segmentation 
VMware Velocloud SDWAN Components

VMware VeloCloud Gateways

VeloCloud edge forwards packet traffic to VeloCloud gateway which in turn is forwarded to its final destination. Gateways are deployed at the top most tier (networks point of presence and cloud data centers) to facilitate door step services to SaaS, IaaS, and other cloud network services, in addition to private backbone access.

The gateway provides on-demand , scalability, and redundancy features for cloud networks with route optimized paths to final destinations. Velocloud gateways are virtual machines running on KVM, vSphere or AWS. In cloud hosted environments Gateways are in default mode, and edge is assigned to a primary and secondary gateway based on its geo location with Maxmind database. The preferred gateway for edge is geo closed to edge.

The edge sends all ‘multi-path’ traffic to the primary gateway and gateway forwards it to its intended destination. If the edge identifies that gateway is unreachable after 60 seconds, routes are removed from the gateway. If all gateways are not available, routes are retained and timer starts. Once gateways are available routes will be refreshed on the edge. Gateways can exist in multiple gateway pools. And Gateway pools can be assigned to multiple customers and partners within the VCO. 

Features of VeloCloud Gateways

  • Provides scalable , on demand network services over cloud
  • Implements dynamic multipath optimization 
  • Enablement of multiple broadband, and private leased lines as single high performance WAN
  • Permit insertion of local, third party and cloud security services wherever required 

VMware VeloCloud Orchestrator  

VMware VeloCloud Orchestrator (VCO) is a control plane for policy management. It is one of the main components in this solution. It provides centralized management of enterprise-wide policy configuration and real time monitoring and provides orchestration of data flow in the SD-WAN overlay network. Single click provisioning of virtual services across branches, data centers over cloud.

Monitoring functionality to observe performance and operational features is provided by Orchestrator for SD-WAN edges. Velocloud Orchestrator lets you create , configure and monitor Velocloud SD-WAN components. It is a virtual machine which can run on KVM, vSphere or on AWS. 

Features of VMware VCO

  • Simplified implementation of network wide business-based policies to facilitate application traffic management 
  • One click provisioning of virtual services across enterprise
  • Centralized monitoring, observability, zero touch deployments 
  • Continuously real time monitoring of links and path quality , performance relation metrics for applications 

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