What is Flutter in Software Engineering? Why should it be used to develop a Challenger Banking App?

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Banking app development has become a new basic need of bank users. People are busy in their lives, and they demand flawless and convenient banking services 24/7. Regular banking cannot provide such services so far. That’s why people are engaging in banking app development services.

People are trying to win the digitization race in the development of banking apps and switching to the latest technology-based services. Banking app development is a complex and time-taking task. Developing a banking app that is compatible with the needs of modern technologies is crucial. This process includes;

  • A stable and consistent system’s performance
  • Highly scalable devices and applications
  • And the most important is data privacy

Financial Technology (Fintech) is trying to provide smart and efficient banking app development. Their ideas will allow tech development organizations to launch new updates and functionalities within just some days. Finance experts are exploring advanced technologies for banking services.


They are trying to digitize the banking services that can provide the best and most seamless experience to bank users. Many advanced technologies are available that allow developers to develop the best banking apps. Flutter is one of them. Flutter has made it possible to develop a banking app that is highly characterized and meets all the standards of the modern world.

Suppose you are an app/software developer trying to develop a challenger banking app. Then we are here to ease your difficult task! This article gathered all the fundamentals and benefits of using Flutter to develop a challenger banking app.

What is Flutter in Software Engineering?

Flutter is an open-source user interface (UI) software development kit. Google created it in 2017. It uses the Dart programming language. Flutter allows the software developers to develop natively compiled cross-platform applications for Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, and iOS by using only a single database. Advanced and growing developer communities are using Flutter as it provides a variety of components, including:

  • Flutter provides Applications Programming Interfaces to stay connected with the systems.
  • It provides a customized framework for developing a challenger banking app.
  • It offers a variety of smart tools to develop and compile advanced apps.

Flutter is the new emerging technology in banking app development. Developers use this advanced technology to bring a revolutionary change to the banking system. Some fast-growing and advanced financial companies like Rosbank, Kasikornbank, and Nubank also use Flutter technology to develop banking apps. Google also uses Flutter to give a uniform look to its home hub.

Flutter in Software Engineering

Why should Developers use Flutter Technology to Develop a Challenger Banking App?

Flutter is the most widely used technology by banking app developers. Flutter outweighs its competitors and provides a standard UI. Here are some reasons that insist the developers use Flutter for building a challenger banking app.

As the finance department owes a large amount of sensitive information, including the customers’ personal and financial data. It needs strong and vulnerable data security. The finance department allows only authorized access to its sensitive data. And Flutter provides strong data security to its users. Developers can set biometric authentications of the customers by using Flutter.

Facilitated App Maintenance

Developing a challenger banking app is a tedious task that requires satisfying maintenance. Flutter enables developers to develop the banking app using only a single database, making their lives easier. Flutter provides easy and reliable maintenance services by delivering new features and updates.

Veracious and Stable Performance

The performance of any banking app is the key factor for customer engagement and retention rates. Customers want a banking app that offers a high content load time even during the heavy loads of consumers. Flutter facilitates its consumers with high content load time. It works at 60 frames per second performance (FPS). During heavy loads, experts can increase its performance at 120 FPS.

Less Time and Cost Consumption

Creating a UI (User Interface) using Flutter is easier, consuming less time and saving the developers from unnecessary stress. Moreover, Flutter allows developers to use only a single database for developing banking apps, reducing expenses.

Rich Libraries

Flutter provides a quick loading experience to its consumers. Flutter uses Skia Graphics Library, which is the most reliable graphics library. Flutter provides a variety of smart tools which make it handy to use.

Success Stories of Flutter Technology

Flutter is being used and appreciated by some advanced and fast-growing finance companies mentioned below.


Rosbank is part of the international financial group Societe Generale. Rosbank was founded in 1993. Due to the heavy customer load, Rosbank decided to launch a banking app. Bank looked for some suitable cross-platform technologies. Rosbank decided to use Flutter technology for building its banking app as it provides a cross-platform framework. Within a few months, Rosbank launched its banking app that enables bank users to make online payments. Rosbank built the first banking app in Europe by using Flutter technology.


Nubank was established in 2013. The headquarters of Nubank is in Brazil. Nubank is an advanced and fast-growing organization. It provides safe banking services to more than 48 million people. Nubank was facing difficulties in synchronizing the work of the iOS and Android teams. The organization decided to upgrade its services. They looked for a cross-platform framework that could work as a bridge between different teams. Nubank tried different cross-platform technologies like Flutter, Kotlin, and React Native. But the experts suggested using only Flutter technology to build a new and characterized UI for the customers.


Flutter’s widgets provide an absolute delight to developers by offering them countless possibilities. Flutter is an ideal choice to build a challenger banking app. It is the most widely used technology in finance organizations. It provides full-fledged data security, a characterized user interface, reliable maintenance, and less cost and time consumption while ensuring the high-quality performance of 60 FPS.

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