Cisco DNA Center: CIMC Controller and Maglev

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Management of network infrastructure is a complex task for network administrators. As more and more enterprises are moving towards cloud-based hybrid networks the need arises for a powerful management network interface. Cisco DNA center is a powerful management system to enable consistent user experience for both wired and wireless networks. 

Today we look more in detail about Cisco DNA center Maglev wizard and its commands to execute in order to identify issues in CIMC controllers. 

Cisco DNA Center Architecture

Introduction to Cisco DNA Center, CIMC Controller & Maglev

Maglev is Cisco’s internally developed framework to provide a unified, next generation application infrastructure based on micro-services to address goals of network related software and platform stack.


To login into the DNA center via command line interface (CLI) Maglev must have SSH access privileges with DNA center IP address using username as Maglev and on port 2222.

Using SSH client log to DNA center appliance using IP address mentioned during configuration wizard. (Configured for network adapter) to connect appliance to the network.

Ssh-p 222maglev@<DNA center IP address>  

List of Commands to Check DNA Center CIMC controller Issues

$maglev system_updater update_info

$ maglev catalogue settings display

$ maglev catalog release_channel display -V

$ maglev catalog settings validate

$ etcdctl get /maglev/config/cluster/cloud

$ maglev catalog system_update_package display

$ maglev catalog package display

Checking live logs during update

$ magctl service logs -rf system-updater | lql command 

$ magctl service logs -rf workflow-worker | lql command 

Command to remove node from cluster

$ maglev node remove <node_ip>

Graceful removal of node

$ maglev node drain <node_ip>

$ maglev node remove <node_ip>

Services from the drained node moved to other nodes. Post power down the node remove it from cluster 

High availability commands

$ maglev service nodescale status

$ maglev service nodescale refresh

$ maglev service nodescale progress

$ maglev service nodescale history

$ maglev node remove <node_ip>

$ maglev node allow <node_ip>

$ maglev cluster node display

Follow up current log of services

$ magctl service logs –r -f <service-name>

$ magctl service logs –r <service-name>

Collect container id using 

docker ps | grep <service-name> | grep -v pause | cut -d’ ‘ -f1

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