How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord: What You Need to Know


Discord has just under 200 million active monthly users and many more join the platform each day. As the platform continues to gain popularity, it’s also become home to grifters, scammers, and other nefarious people. Knowing how to verify who you’re speaking with can help you navigate the platform and prevent problems. That said, Discord works hard to keep its user’s information private.

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Fortunately, it’s not impossible to find someone’s IP address on Discord as long as you know where to look. We’ll provide you with some unique tools that will speed up your search and help you verify users fast.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord

When it’s time to find someone’s IP address on Discord you have a few options. The best option is to use a public records search tool that features an email lookup tool; is the best option for ease of use, up-to-date information, and much more.


1). Discord IP Grabber 

Discord IP Grabber is a great tool for finding someone’s IP address, especially on Discord. It’s a smartphone application that’s designed to help you get IP addresses off of Discord. All you need is the person’s profile information. If you’re unsure about their profile information, you can try running their name through a public records search tool like; more on them later.

From there, visit the Discord developer website through the website. Then, click New Application. The next step is to head over to OAuth2 and add a redirect URL. Last, copy the user’s Discord profile information and enter it into the .php file that was generated.

Create a new file in the same directory and name it logs.txt and you’ll have access to their IP address.

2). IP Logger

Another great tool is IP Logger. That said, with this tool, you’ll have to get someone to open a link that you send, so you’ll need their Discord profile. It might also help to have some information about them to encourage them to open the link, something to pique their interest like knowing their name. To find some information about someone before getting started, we always recommend people search using Plus, it will help you find their Discord profile username if you don’t already have it.

Once you have what you need, use IP Logger effectively by following the steps below.

  1. Copy the user’s URL from their profile page.
  2. Visit IP Logger and enter the user’s URL.
  3. Copy the tracking code that IP Logger generates.
  4. Share the link with the user to access their IP address.

Keep in mind that this method only works if you get the user to open the link. 

How to Learn More About Someone Using Their IP Address

Once you have someone’s IP address you can find some basic information about them. This includes things like their full name, email address, address, and much more. Once you have access to this information you can view their public records with a search tool like

How to Use is one of the best people search engines you can find on the internet. It’s capable of running background checks, verifying names, and much more. Using to find information about someone is possible as long as you have some basic information. We’ll give you an example of the steps to follow using’s email lookup tool.

  1. Visit and navigate to the email lookup tool
  2. Enter the user’s email address
  3. Search through the results until you find a match (usually the first option).
  4. Select “Open Full Report.”
  5. Provide additional information if necessary.
  6. View your results.

Using to find more information about some is that easy.

What Information Can You Learn with shows you a lot of information about people. From criminal records to divorce records, anything that’s public record is available when you run a search. Some additional things you’ll learn with include:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • Dating profiles
  • Education history
  • Court records
  • Sex offender status
  • Jail sentences

Depending on who you search, you may find some or all of this information.

Find Someone’s IP Address on Discord Today

Discord doesn’t make it easy to find someone’s IP address because most information on the platform is private. Thankfully, with a few creative tools like, you can discover anyone’s IP address. Furthermore, you can learn just about anything about someone when you run their information through a public records search tool.

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