Top 100+ Operating System Interview Questions 2022

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OPERATING SYSTEM interview questions

Operating System Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Operating System Interview:

  1. What is an operating system?
  2. What are the different types of OS?
  3. What is the basic role of an OS?
  4. What is kernel?
  5. Differentiate between Micro Kernel and Macro Kernel?
  6. What is dead lock?
  7. What is a process?
  8. What are the states of a process?
  9. What is starvation and aging?
  10. What is semaphore?
  11. What is context switching?
  12. What is a thread?
  13. What is process synchronization?
  14. What is virtual memory?
  15. What is thrashing?
  16. What is fragmentation? Tell about different types of fragmentation?
  17. What are necessary conditions for dead lock?
  18. What is cache memory?
  19. What is logical and physical addresses space?
  20. Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter?
  21. Explain the term Throughput, Turnaround time, waiting time and Response time?
  22. What is Memory Management Unit (MMU)?
  23. What is a Real-Time System?
  24. What is a trap and trapdoor?
  25. When is a system in safe state?
  26. Explain the concept of the Distributed systems?
  27. What is cache-coherence?
  28. Describe the long term scheduler & short term schedulers?
  29. Explain the meaning of mutex.
  30. What is cycle stealing?
  31. What is Marshalling?
  32. What is a daemon?
  33. What is pre-emptive and non-preemptive scheduling?
  34. What is busy waiting?
  35. What is page cannibalizing?
  36. What is SMP?
  37. What is process migration?
  38. Difference between Primary storage and secondary storage?
  39. Define Compactions.
  40. What are residence monitors?
  41. What is dual-mode operation?
  42. What is a device queue?
  43. Explain types of Real-Time Scheduling?
  44. What is relative path and absolute path?
  45. What are the disadvantages of context switching?
  46. What are data register and address register?
  47. What is DRAM?
  48. What are local and global page replacements?
  49. Define Batched Operating Systems?
  50. What is SCSI?
  51. What is safe and unsafe state in operating system?
  52. What is cycle stealing?
  53. What is an idle thread?
  54. What is FtDisk?
  55. What is Dispatcher?
  56. When does the condition “rendezvous” arise?
  57. What is process spawning?
  58. What are the reasons for process suspension?
  59. What are the categories of Input/output manager in Windows NT?
  60. What is a drawback of MVT?
  61. What is Demand Paging?
  62. Describe The Objective of Multi Programming?
  63. What are Time Sharing Systems?
  64. What Is Asymmetric Multiprocessing?
  65. Give Some Benefits of Multi-Threaded Programming?
  66. Briefly Explain FCFS?
  67. What Is RR Scheduling Algorithm?
  68. Enumerate The Different Raid Levels.
  69. What are the different types of CPU registers in an OS?
  70. What is the basic function of paging?
  71. What are the primary functions of VFS?
  72. What is a Socket?
  73. What is Direct Access Method?
  74. What is the best page size when designing an OS?
  75. What is root partition?
  76. What are device drivers?
  77. What is multitasking?
  78. What are some pros and cons of a CLI?
  79. What is cache?
  80. What is spooling?
  81. What is an assembler?
  82. What are interrupts?
  83. What is GUI?
  84. Why partitioning and formatting is a prerequisite to installing an OS?
  85. What is Plumbing/Piping?
  86. What is NOS?
  87. Differentiate between internal commands from external commands.
  88. Explain how to access terminal?
  89. What are the main elements of a process image?
  90. What Is the Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB)?
  91. What are the operating system components?
  92. What are operating system services?
  93. What are system calls?
  94. What is a layered approach and what is its key advantages?
  95. What is micro kernel approach and its advantages?
  96. What are various scheduling queues?
  97. What is a job queue?
  98. What is a ready queue?
  99. What is a device queue?
  100. What are co-operating processes?
  101. What are types of threads?
  102. What could be the reason of process termination?
  103. What are the various components of computer system?
  104. What is a boot-strap program?
  105. What is BIOS?
  106. List the basic functions of OS file management.
  107. What is Booting?
  108. What are the different types of memory used by the system?


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